Israel in Clemson

What other schools are in contacting Clemson pledge Tucker Israel? And where do things stand with Clemson and its pursuit of another 2015 quarterback?

QB Tucker Israel Profile

Israel visited Clemson in February with his Lake Nona High School head coach Anthony Paradiso. A couple of days after getting back home, Israel committed.

The three-star quarterback returned to Tigertown last weekend with his dad.

"He thought it was everything I thought it was the first time, so he pretty much fell in love with it when we went up there," Israel told CUTigers, during a recent interview.

"We were up there for the whole day, up there til 10 o'clock at night. We toured everything you could possibly think of and sat down with the coaches on hours on end, even got to eat dinner with the team."

Clemson's two-quarterback plan for 2015 was discussed.

"They said they're kind of leaning towards taking [only] me right now, because it's kind of hard for them to find another one," Israel said. "Because, after I committed, everyone kind of shied away, because I was committed there, so I don't mind.

"It's their decision to make. If they take two, they take two. I'll be there to compete with a senior or an incoming freshman."

Since his commitment to Clemson, Israel has picked up a number of offers, including Kentucky, Louisville, LSU and Ole Miss. LSU and Kentucky have been in the most contact.

Recently, Auburn has begun to express interest.

"The guy committed to them, Tyler Queen, he blew out his arm, so he might not even play next year," Israel said. "It's kind of strange, because after that happened they were on the phone trying to get me to come up there. It kind of sucks for that kid, but that's the game you play when you're in the recruiting process."

Israel said he knows where Dabo Swinney stands when it comes to contact with other schools.

"Coach Swinney talked to me when I made that commitment," Israel said. "He said our commitment is with you, so your commitment to us should be where you respect us enough to where you're not going to go out and visit other schools, talk to these other coaches.

"It's fine if they come to the school and talk to you, but calling them and stuff like that, try to shy away from that as best you can. I've done a pretty good job of that."

He admitted that it's easier said than done.

"It's kind of hard trying to say thanks but no thanks, but I feel comfortable where I'm at with Clemson, so, hopefully, I don't have to make another decision like that," Israel said.

The 6-1, 195-pound prospect hopes to return to Clemson in April for the spring game, but it's not for certain.

As a junior, Israel completed 254-of-385 passes for 3,979 yards with 40 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also rushed 79 times for 456 yards and three touchdowns. Top Stories