Not to be overwhelmed

CLEMSON - Brad Brownell doesn't see any reason to have Carson Fields hop on Landry Nnoko's shoulders to measure the height of the goals at Madison Square Garden.

No need to copy what Norman Dale did once Hickory High School arrived to Hinkle Fieldhouse in the classic hoops film Hoosiers.

The bright lights and the big city will do enough to awe Brownell's team full of first-timers in the Big Apple.

"I think just being in New York City should be more of a wow factors," Brownell said. "The Garden will be great, but I could be wrong. They might all be in awe of it and not play well. I don't know."

Brownell, an Indiana native, didn't want to downplay the magnitude of playing in ‘The World's Most Famous Arena.'

"It's just neat because you see it so often with the Knicks games and you see it in the NCAA Tournament and you see it with other situations, you hear about it so much, it's exciting for all of us to actually -- not just watch somebody else play, but to compete there, so it should be a good trip," Brownell said.

The one downfall is this: Clemson hasn't done so well in not so familiar surroundings this season.

"We didn't play win in those conference trips, so, no, that hasn't gone well," Brownell said. "We haven't done very well against the new teams in the league.

"None of that, I think, has any bearing on the game itself. We've played good teams in some difficult games and haven't won some of those games."

From Pittsburgh to Syracuse and Notre Dame -- not to mention the non-conference visits to Arkansas and Auburn -- the Tigers seen a lot of new places this season.

"As a player, as a coach, you certainly enjoy going to new environments," Brownell said. "You enjoy going to the Carrier Dome, Madison Square Garden, to see what that's like, going to Notre Dame and seeing Touchdown Jesus and everything that's there.

"It's been fun that way, in going to a place. The results haven't been that good, so that kind of puts a downer on it. Hopefully, this will be better." Top Stories