Whatever it takes

CLEMSON - It's no wonder that the 49ers and Seahawks, two of the best run teams in the NFL, would be among the first to inquire about Tyler Shatley.

Shatley would fit right in with one of the two NFC West teams that target tough, hard-nosed, team-first guys that have no beef with being a little bit versatile.

Well, that's Shatley, to a T.

During his last two seasons at Clemson, Shatley started at right guard.

"I definitely think I've found a home," he said.

When he was back in Clemson for his Pro Day, Shatley was among the most impressive performers. The 6-foot-3, 298-pound draft prospect did the 225-pound bench press 40 times. Had he performed at the combine, it would have been the second-best mark. UNC center Russ Bodine repped 42 times.

"I was definitely counting and it kind of helps me gauge where I was at, I count in my head and try to go as many as I can before I take my first break," Shatley said. "I felt good, but I'm definitely keeping count in my head, to know where I'm at."

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock told CUTigers that it's easy to pull for a guy like Shatley. Mayock thinks Shatley has a chance to make an NFL roster, even if he's not drafted.

"He's found a home at right guard and he's a tough kid, a heavy-handed kid," Mayock said. "He's just not big and not overly athletic, but he's the type of kid that when you get him in camp he's going to be difficult to cut."

Shatley just wants to have that chance. After not getting an invite to the Combine, it would appear that his chances of getting drafted are slim.

But, right after the draft, there's always a chance he'll get scooped up as a free-agent.

"Anybody who will have me, I'll go," Shatley said. "I'm just looking for an opportunity. It doesn't matter to me. I just want to get picked up by a team or go somewhere and stick."

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