Watson injured on Monday

CLEMSON - While the details were pretty vague in the immediate aftermath, this much is certain: Deshaun Watson was injured during Monday's scrimmage.

It was serious enough to prompt some words of encouragement out of Chad Kelly when he was asked about the second-straight scrimmage that saw had quarterbacks in the line of live tackling.

"Well, hopefully, Deshaun is all right," Kelly said. "Hopefully, he'll play [Saturday]."

Kelly went into further detail.

"I guess they said his collarbone. That's all I heard," he said.

The redshirt sophomore confirmed that it was at the end of Monday's scrimmage.

"At the end," Kelly said, "When he got hit."

Dabo Swinney was asked about Watson walking off the field, carrying his wrist.

"He practiced all day. He might be sore. He got hit a little bit. I don't have an injury report on him. He finished practice. He might be sore," Swinney said.

Do you know if he's OK?

"As far as I know," Swinney said. "Like I said, he finished practice. I didn't see anything.

"That's the nature of it. That's what we do. If you're going to play quarterback at Clemson, you're going to run the ball. That's why we recruit the way we recruit. It's what our philosophy is."

The man who was brought to Clemson to help foster that mentality, Chad Morris, was also asked about Watson's status.

"I don't know. I don't know if it was stinger or not. Again, that's part of putting them live," Morris said. "They know they're not going to get hit, so you can put them back there and they have a tendency to hold that ball a little longer. When they're live, it's a little bit different ball game…but he's fine, I'm sure it's just a stinger."

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