Running two-wide, for now

CLEMSON - With the first twist in the chase for the starting quarterback job at Clemson, the battle -- for now -- is down to two.

Dabo Swinney and Chad Morris remained steadfast with their message on where things stood in the search for Tajh Boyd's heir apparent.

The race is still three-wide, despite the crack collarbone to Deshaun Watson. For now, Cole Stoudt and Chad Kelly just happen to be the only two on the track.

Watson won't lose pace after his pit-stop to heal a cracked collarbone.

"I don't see it. It's up and down every day. It's a very competitive group, I love that, when you put them in just about every situation you can put them in," Swinney said. "Sometimes, it's a little out of whack. Maybe, their personnel isn't quite like the other's personnel, but we put them all in that type of situation, and just see how they respond, how they manage it.

"They've all had really good days and done good things, some other days where, maybe, it wasn't so good for them. Overall, big picture, I think we've got an incredibly competitive group. It's not that obvious. There will be somebody that we might say, at the end of spring -- in our minds -- if we started today, this guy would go out there first, but there's too much to happen between now and August.

"There's too many decisions that have to be made, too much leadership that has to be displayed, too much development still to be done to make that decision right now, but I'm very, very pleased with Cole, Chad and Deshaun -- even Nick [Schuessler]. He's done a great job. That's what I like about old Schuessler. Every time he gets an opportunity, he goes out there and tries to execute, and he doesn't have as many reps as the other three."

All of that being said before Swinney announced Watson's cracked collarbone.

Morris continued to praise the trio for their approach to the race.

"They're supporting each other, which is really good," he said. "One comes off and he does a good job, or even a bad job, they're right there high-fiving each other and talking to each other about what did you see or this or that, so anytime you have that, we worked extremely hard, to try to build that relationship with all our guys in that room."

Kelly and Stoudt were asked about their work during Monday's scrimmage.

"I thought it was good," Stoudt said. "I went out there and made plays when I could. I improved a lot on my throwing and my footwork. I went out there, made some plays and got my team into the end zone."

Said Kelly: "I thought I did well, I mean, there's always room for improvement. I've just got to look over the tape. I made two bad -- I can't even say they were bad throws. The wide receiver just kind of bobbled it, right in the back of the end zone. The other one I got it, and he thought it was going to try and throw him back shoulder, and he ended up turning with the ball already in front of him.

"Everybody did a good job and we're all still learning. I'm excited for this weekend." Top Stories