Key's Clemson review

Keyshawn Johnson is a no nonsense kind of guy. So, when he spoke with CUTigers about his son's visit to Clemson and the Tigers' offer, that's exactly what we got.

WR Keyshawn Johnson Profile

The author of "Just Give Me the Damn Ball!" accompanied his son, Keyshawn Johnson Jr. and Darnay Holmes on their Thursday trip to Clemson. Both class of 2017 prospects received offers from the Tigers before exiting campus.

Johnson Jr. is a wide receiver at Mission Viejo High School in California. Holmes is a defensive back at Newbury Park.

After starring at Southern Cal, Johnson Sr. was the No. 1 overall draft pick by the Jets in 1996. He caught 814 passes for 10,571 yards with 64 touchdowns during his 11-year NFL career.

"I think, for the most part, I needed to get a good feel for the rest of the staff and everybody. I have some familiarity with [some] people -- James Trapp, who works for the team, he was my host when I visited Clemson years ago when he was a player," Johnson said. "Obviously, times have changed. I was on a visit with Dexter McCleon and another visit with Patrick Sapp, so I know that side of Clemson.

"As far as the new era and generation, my son wanted to get an opportunity to meet the staff, get a chance to meet the receivers coach in coach [Jeff] Scott, coach [Chad] Morris, the offensive coordinator and coach [Dabo] Swinney, and to see the facilities and see the campus.

"The biggest thing that he was excited about is they have computer science. That's what he wants to major in, he's a computer nerd."

About two months prior, the elder Johnson was in Clemson on assignment by ESPN, to cover Sammy Watkins' Pro Day.

"I was talking to coach Morris, Trapp and met all the coaches, they knew about my son," Johnson said. "They asked me, ‘What school is he going to? Is he going to USC like the dad?' I said that's not true. That's kind of when the eyebrows started being raised…the ears kind of start to go up a little bit [and] I told them I'd bring him to come see the campus.

"We continued talking they did their [research and development], they watched film, cut-ups, what little bit of stuff that he had."

The Johnsons plan to return to Clemson in June for camp.

"I think my son really enjoys it. He enjoys the coaches. The coaches are real personable," Johnson said. "I know my son better than anybody. Whenever he can tell me, ‘He's cool.' That means he likes him.

"There wasn't any shucking and jiving. There wasn't any lying and playing games. The thing is, I think they know, by me being the parent that I am, there won't be any recruiting B.S. going on. They're not going to play recruiting ****, playing games.

"They know if we commit to Clemson, whatever the case is, there's not going to be any flip flopping."

Yes, there is a genuine interest in Clemson.

"Anybody who we're going to deal with, we're dealing with them because we are genuinely into their programs and we like what they're doing," Johnson said. "The consensus is that my son is going to USC. Well, that's not true. USC has got to recruit him like everybody else." Top Stories