Venables pleased with the result

CLEMSON - After Saturday's Orange and White spring game, Brent Venables was in a little bit better of a mood than the last time we saw him.

After Wednesday's practice, Venables was pissed off, particularly at the way his defensive line performed that day.

In the spring game, the two defenses combined for 14 touch sacks and two interceptions. Venables spoke with reporters after the game. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation.

"I thought there were some good, some not so good, some shoddy tackling, at times. I thought our guys up front were pretty active. There's a lot to like and a lot to learn from, a lot to teach from. Just another day in the big picture, in the whole process of getting ready for next year. it was an important day on a lot of levels, from handling with a few more people in the stadium, [coaches] completely off, TV and all that kind of stuff, so there's a lot to build from. It's been a good spring, a very good spring, a lot of competition, find out some strengths, weaknesses, some things we've got to work on, schematically. Still massaging our personnel, but going into the summer, there are still some positions in good competition. Feel like we've got the right players at those positions, particularly in that back seven. Those outside backers, feel really good about the consistency [T.J.] Burrell played with, then Tony [Steward] and [Ben] Boulware working over at the weak-side…it's been good. This phase is over. Now, we're on to the summer and you find out what your team is all about. This is where you really have the right come out, going into the summer and into fall camp. It's either feel really good about yourself, your players, your team, or the opposite if guys aren't willing to make a commitment this summer."

Linebackers during the spring game
"I thought Stephone [Antony] really showed up. I thought Burrell was consistent. Dorian [O'Daniel] showed some flashes. I thought the group played pretty solid. Tony was pretty solid. Boulware showed up. I was pretty pleased with the cleanliness, managing it from that position."

Position battles
"Everything is up for grabs, still at strong safety and both corners."

Mackensie Alexander in the spring game
"He looked pretty good. Made a mistake one time, I know for sure -- just some fundamentals and understanding the situation, like a young guy, jumping up on a low-end route on third-and-extra-long. I think he was pretty solid."

Josh Watson's status
"I don't think he'll miss but maybe a day or two. There was no swelling, I don't think.

On the quarterback battle
"I'm not the guy to ask. I don't have an opinion there. I've got my own issues. I think we've got good competition there, good players there. We'll have a good one come out of that, when it's all said and done. I think Deshaun [Watson]…for a young guy, he's playing awfully, awfully well. Like those other two, they've had a great competition all spring. It's a good situation."

The spring game sacks
"I like the end result. It's not necessarily safe to say they wouldn't have made the play either, but it's definitely an advantage for the defense when you can go by and blow on the guy and he's down. It's a quick whistle. But, I thought those guys in the pass rush did pretty well, there was good get off. You could kind of feel the energy, to be honest. It wasn't at a fevered pitch. Guys are ready for spring to be done. It's a nice warm, probably the hottest day we've had all spring." Top Stories