Cervenka commits to Clemson

While visiting Clemson on Tuesday afternoon, three-star defensive tackle Gage Cervenka [Emerald High School] committed to Dabo Swinney.

DT Gage Cervenka Profile

It was a dream come true for the 6-foot-4, 270-pound prospect.

"Before I could even walk, I attended my first Clemson game," Cervenka told CUTigers on Tuesday afternoon.

"Just seeing the players get on the bus, drive around the stadium and get on the hill, the stadium going crazy, screaming and yelling, the cannon goes off and they run down the hill," he said. "It just sends shivers down my back when as they go.

"Just being around the coaches and players makes me feel like I'm at home. And, when I go up there, I know I'll be in great hands with the coaches.

"Coach [Dabo] Swinney, in general, it's not all about football with him. He's about family and he's trying to build you into a young man, to get you ready for life. It's not all about football and I just love that."

The commitment was three years in the making.

"We were kind of sitting there for about 30 [minutes] just talking and I pulled out a poster that he signed for me three years ago, it was three years ago from yesterday, actually," Cervenka said. "On the poster, it says, 'Gage, see you in three years.' I showed him that and said, 'Coach, with that, I'm going to give you this.' And I pulled out of my pocket one of those All-In chips that he signed.

"I told him, 'Coach Swinney, I'm all in.'"

As things stand right now, Cervenka will be a defensive tackle, but that could change.

"If I grow a couple of inches, I could be a defensive end," he said. "But they're losing some defensive tackles and that's what they need. That's where they're leaning towards."

As a junior, he had 100 tackles, 28 tackles for loss and three sacks.

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