Coach speak: Kelly Bryant

Kelly Bryant has been under the tutelage of quarterback instructor Ramon Robinson since he was a sophomore at Abbeville High School.

QB Kelly Bryant Profile

Now a junior at Wren who's committed to Clemson, Bryant is one of the top quarterback prospects in the class of 2015.

CUTigers spoke with Robinson on Thursday afternoon, a couple of hours after Bryant decided to make his commitment to Clemson.

How much have you seen him develop during your time working together?
Robinson: I've seen him grow from a boy to a young man. I've seen him go from a true athlete, a straight runner, to the point of now where he's one of the top five dual-threat quarterbacks in the country. To the point now, he can not only just run the ball, but he can also throw it as well as he can run it. I've seen the growth with him day after day, week after week, month after month, to the point where the kid has made some strides in his game. Now, he's committed to Clemson, and has picked up numerous offers along the way. He had a lot of athlete offers, as far as being a receiver, DB or wherever you fit. Now, he's not an athlete. He's a quarterback with the athletic ability. He's not an athlete trying to play quarterback. The sky's the limit for this kid. The potential for him, it's a bright future him. It's unlimited what he can do right now, and he's still growing within the game.

He's going to a great offensive staff and a great staff, period. Going with a guy like coach [Chad] Morris, I expect him to continue to blossom with the expertise of the head coach [Dabo Swinney] and the offensive coordinator.

What part of Kelly's game as a quarterback really sets him apart from others?
Robinson: What separated him are a lot of things. You've got to understand, he came out of a triple-option offense. You can put an athlete in there, because there is not a lot of reading when it comes to defensive coverages. With him, the most surprising part with him, because of him being in that offense for so many years -- since Pop Warner -- he educated himself and he bettered himself by learning defensive coverages and knowing how to read defenses. He got better once he got over to Wren High School, even though we went through things. He educated himself on those type of things. His dream was to be a quarterback. And, the thing was, he did the little things that it takes to be a quarterback, as far as studying, learning the coverages, regardless of his team, at the time, not running the type of offense for him to use those tools. But I feel like a big asset to him is being able to recognize defenses, and a quick learner, he's a quick learner. He picked up the learning curve early once he got over to Wren High School and learning under coach [Jeff] Tate. He's been a great coach to him, bringing him along with me, when he's not practicing and doing those things.

How about the off the field stuff? Kelly seems like an impressive young man. What have you seen form him as a person?
Robinson: As a person, this is a yes sir, no sir, yes m'am, no m'am-type kid. He's a kid that you're not going to have to correct for any disrespectful things when it comes to adults. He's a fun-loving kid. He's funny. He's pretty goofy. He's a kid at heart. And he's very respectful towards his parents, coaches. He's just a very outstanding young man, not just on the football field. He has a great GPA, a very high GPA in the classroom. He's a good example of a student-athlete. Top Stories