In pursuit of Bailey

Clemson and South Carolina are battling for three-star Zack Bailey, the top-rated player in South Carolina's class of 2015.

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Clemson offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell stopped by Summerville High School on Monday to see the No. 33 ranked offensive tackle in the class of 2015.

Running backs coach Tony Elliott serves as the Tigers' primary recruiter.

"I talk to coach Elliott just about every single day," Bailey told CUTigers, during an interview earlier this week.

Bailey's last visit to Clemson was earlier this year for the Elite Junior Day.

"It was good. I got to see the campus a lot more. I got to talk to see what their academic studies are, things like that," he said.

Overall, Clemson is in very good standing with Bailey.

"My relationship with them is good. There's nothing bad about it. I like the school. They're a good school and I like them a lot. I'm definitely interested," he said.

A guard by trade at Summerville, Bailey has played some at tackle. He's being recruiting to Clemson to play left guard.

"But I'll probably go up there and learn both positions, left tackle and left guard," Bailey said.

Rival South Carolina is also firmly in the mix.

"I was up there about a month ago," Bailey said. "I got showed [around] the campus. I got to talk about the academics, the career choices they have, things like that. It was good. I went to the Clemson and Carolina game for baseball."

What's next?

"I'm planning on going to Florida State in June, and Auburn. I want to get to Georgia, too, but I haven't been able to yet."

Who leads?

"I don't really have an order, but I have schools at the top, Clemson and Carolina, Florida State and Auburn, Georgia, as far as top. Also, I'm looking at Oregon and Southern Cal."

Originally from the state of Washington, Bailey wouldn't mind heading back to his native coast for college ball.

"A lot of people want me to play in state. It really doesn't matter for me, the northwest or staying in the south. I have family on both sides," he said. "I have my grandma and my parents down here. The rest of my, with my real father, off the coast in Washington, so it doesn't really bother me a whole lot. I can go either way."

Bailey will wait a little while before making a decision.

"I want to try and commit, preferably before senior year of football, but I don't know yet," he said. "I haven't quite made my decision, but I want to try and make it before this season starts, but I might just wait. I don't know yet."

Several factors will be considered.

"The biggest thing is education-wise. Obviously, football is going to be is going to pay for my schooling, but it's also important to get a degree. It's something that, in case you do get hurt, it's something that's going to support you financially, later on in life, so, definitely, the field of study," he said. "The location, how I get along with the coaches, my relationship with the coaches, how they interact with the players, how they are at practice, things like that." Top Stories