Approaching a decision

Four-star tight end Garrett Williams is down to four schools. And, before too long, he'll decide which one will add his commitment.

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That decision will come sometime within the next couple of months.

"It might be a little bit pushed back, but it is coming up soon. I'm trying to do it before summer," Williams said, during a recent interview with CUTigers.

The four-star prospect from The First Academy in Orlando, Fla. lists Clemson, Florida State, Auburn and Stanford as the final candidates.

"All of my top four, I know a lot about the schools," he said. "Right now, it's just talking it over with my family and, most importantly, praying about it…also, just talking to my family a lot."

Williams shared a few thoughts about each of the schools.

Auburn: "The coaching staff is awesome. All of my top four's coaching staffs are awesome. I love coach [Gus] Malzahn and the offense they run. It's just a great culture at Auburn. I really like the university."

Clemson: "Kind of similar to Auburn, I mean, I love Clemson's coaching staff. They're top-notch, starting with coach [Dabo] Swinney, then coach [Jeff] Scott and coach [Danny] Pearman, coach [Chad] Morris, all of them are awesome guys and incredible coaches as well.

"I also love the university at Clemson. I think it's a great culture surrounding it. There's a faith-based community around the area, which I really like. I really like the coaches, the type of players they have on campus and the faith-based community around Clemson."

Florida State: "I've grown up around Florida State, because my dad played there. I love the tradition at Florida State. I've gotten so comfortable in Tallahassee, just being there for every home game since I was five. I'm very comfortable with the area. I really like the coaches. I like the way they coach. They're really tough coaches, but I know they love their players as well. Coach [Tim] Brewster, the tight ends coach, I also really like the way he coaches. I just love the tradition."

Stanford: "I loved it. Kind of what caught me about Stanford was the academics, because, at the time, I didn't know too much about the football program or anything there. I knew they were a great team, but didn't know a lot about the academics. That's kind of what got me out there. We spent two days there, really getting to know the coaches. Coach [David] Shaw, coach [Mike] Bloomgren, coach [Lance] Taylor, all of them are like all the other coaches, great men. They're great coaches.

"I really liked Palo Alto. It's in an awesome part of California. I'd never been out west before, so that was really cool getting to see the different environment out there. It's a different feel, but it's pretty cool with the beach and mountains. Everything is awesome.

"About Stanford, they're a very tough football team, which fits my skill set a lot. I love the way they would use me as an H-back, fullback, versatile guy. There's a lot going for them, out there in California."

Williams isn't sure if he'll take one last round of visits to the other three finalists before reaching a decision. Top Stories