Statement from Pete Yanity

Former Clemson play by play man delivers a message to the masses.

Clemson University is a wonderful place with so many wonderful people. What a great resource for our beautiful upstate and the state of South Carolina. The university's reach is so impressive and extends across this country and beyond its borders. Clemson alumni and its fan base is as proud as you'll find anywhere and that's reflected daily in so many places.

As noted in an earlier release from Clemson athletics, a decision was made by the athletic director to move in a different direction.

What a wonderful run it's been. I had the pleasure of starting with the network in 2001 and then did my very best to at least hold the torch raised by the late, great Jim Phillips.

Any individual is only as good as the support system he has around him. From the many great people I worked with in Clemson athletics, to the great staff with rights-holder Learfield Sports, I am so grateful for the opportunity I had.

On each broadcast, I worked with a close-knit group of individuals and over the years we became brothers.

In the past decade-and-a-half, I also gained another family. The Clemson family. And I am so much the better for it. Top Stories