Paying the price

CLEMSON - Whatever it was that Garry Peters did to get himself suspended for the season opener against Georgia, he knows that he really screwed up.

Along with Shaq Anthony, David Beasley and Corey Crawford, Peters will miss the season opener for a violation of team rules.

The senior cornerback was expected to contend for the starting nod against the Bulldogs before Dabo Swinney made the announcement at the beginning of spring practice.

Peters, who was suspended for a portion of spring practice in 2013, said his most recent punishment has already taught him a lesson.

"I felt like that's made me better as a man off the field, because I feel like I've been waiting all my life to play at Georgia, against the Georgia Bulldogs. For this to happen, I felt like it took a blow to me," Peters said. "My family is disappointed. I feel like this made me better as a man. It will show when I get back out there on the field."

In 10 games last season, Peters logged 22 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss and four pass breakups over 247 snaps.

After playing just 12 snaps as a freshman, Peters had 20 tackles, one interception and eight pass breakups during his sophomore campaign.

He wants 2014 to be his best season yet, but he spent much of the spring dealing with a hamstring injury.

"It's been bothering me," he said a few days before the spring game. "I've got a calcium deposit on my muscle, so it's been hampering me for the past couple of days…I'll be fine when it's all said and done."

As he heads into the dog days of summer, Peters will focus on two aspects of his game, so he's ready when South Carolina State helps open up Death Valley in September.

"Probably my eyes, where I'm focused on, where I'm putting my eyes and technique, you can always work on technique, so my eyes and my technique. Those are probably the two big things," Peters said. "That's my main focus, for me, personally."

But he'll also be doing his part to help bring along the young crops of defensive backs.

"I stay on them. We go watch film some time after practice. Sometimes, we come down here on the weekends and do a little something," Peters said. "The young guys, they're going to be ready. They don't really understand what it fully takes yet, but we're going through the process and getting it down. They'll be all right." Top Stories