Reconsidering his options

This three-star middle linebacker recently cut his list of offers down to five, but an offer from Clemson has forced him to reconsider his plans.

MLB Keaton Anderson Profile

Clemson offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell made a stop by Florence High School (Ala.) last Thursday and informed Keaton Anderson that Clemson was offering.

"Honestly, other than letters that I'd gotten from them -- not hand-written letters, just general mail from them -- I had not, so it surprised me when they offered me," Anderson told CUTigers of his contact with Clemson.

The three-star prospect had recently listed Alabama, Duke, LSU, Miami and Tennessee as his top-five schools, and he was preparing to cut the list down even further.

But Clemson has him think things over.

"it's something that I'm trying to talk to my parents about, because I just heard what an unbelievable campus and atmosphere Clemson is, so I'm really just trying to talk to my family right now, if we're going to go see Clemson," Anderson said, "So that's a decision I'm trying to make right now.

"It's just, I don't know if the timing is kind of late, but I kind of had my top-five, had it that way, but I'm trying to decide with my family right now to see it, because I hear it's unbelievable."

With all of his options, not just Clemson, Anderson will consider a number of factors.

"I'm definitely looking at the aspect of if football doesn't work out, how would I feel at that campus? Would I be happy there? Do I enjoy the people around me? Do I enjoy the environment around me? But, of course, I'll be looking at the people that I play with," he said. "Not just the coaches, because coaches change, so you never know about that.

"Just the teammates that I would have and the friends that I can make, those are the things I look at, and the success and the future that it gives me, so I want to set myself up for a successful future. I'm definitely looking at the school's business school, because I want to be a business major."

As a junior, Anderson led the state of Alabama with 191 tackles. Top Stories