Johnson to Clemson

Clayton, North Carolina [Cleveland High School] four-star defensive tackle Sterling Johnson has committed to Clemson.

DT Sterling Johnson Profile

On Monday night, Johnson posted on Twitter that he was going to commit on Tuesday. He'd planned to commit to Tennessee, but Butch Jones turned him down.

On Tuesday evening, Johnson posted on Twitter that he was committed to Clemson. He spoke with CUTigers a few minutes after the post.

"Tennessee was on top, but something came up with their depth chart and they would only be taking one defensive tackle. They wanted me to come to camp instead. They wanted me and the three other come to camp. I said, 'No disrespect, but I'm not going to do that.'

"I feel like they shouldn't spring that on somebody at the last minute, because I named Tennessee my leader three or four weeks ago...just on top of all that, I feel like if you offer somebody and they say they want that spot before somebody else comes in, and commit to it, they earned it and they deserved it, but no disrespect to anybody on the coaching staff or anything.

"The only reason I had Tennessee over Clemson was because I could get an internship at the SEC Network. With that being said, I want to be a sports broadcaster, but I just said to myslef, 'This is another step in my life, God has a plan behind it.' With that being said, I think that was his way of telling me the Tigers were the right choice."

Johnson later phoned Clemson defensive backs coach Mike Reed and told him he was ready to commit. It was after that conversation when Johnson posted on Twitter that he'd committed to Clemson.

Johnson shared a few details from his conversation with Reed.

"Actually, [Reed] said, ‘What's good?'

"I said, ‘I want to be a Tiger.'

"He said, ‘You want to be a Tiger?'

"I said, ‘That's what Clemson's called, right?'

"He said, ‘Yeah, welcome to the family.'"

But, before the pledge to Clemson was made official, Johnson had to speak with Dabo Swinney.

The commitment has since been accepted by Swinney and confirmed by CUTigers.

"The thing I like about Clemson the most is the overall family environment and they seem like everybody has so much fun there. Everybody is like a true family there," Johnson said. "That's really what I'm aiming for, because at my high school, it's like a true family.

"We all support one another, no matter if you've got a division three offer or a division one offer. That's just on the team. Then, the fans in general support us, and we appreciate that." Top Stories