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All Zach Giella really wants to do on the football field is push people around.

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The three-star offensive tackle from Augusta Christian [Georgia] is Clemson's newest commitment for the class of 2015. ranks him as the 81st best offensive tackle in the class of 2015.

On Wednesday night, he committed to Dabo Swinney over offers from LSU, Ole Miss, Miami, Michigan, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

The following transcript is from an interview with Giella, less than 24 hours after he pulled the trigger and joined the 2015 Clemson class.

When we spoke Monday morning and you hinted that Clemson might jump ahead after your scheduled visit on Saturday, were you thinking that you could commit before then? Or was that just something that kind of happened throughout the course of the week?
Giella: Me and my family had been thinking about our options and everything with all of the schools. We felt that we -- we had been talking about it and praying about it -- we felt that Clemson was the best fit with the coaching staff and the distance from my house and everything. We just felt like Clemson was the best fit.

How did you let the Clemson coaches know that you were ready to commit on Wednesday?
Giella: I called the offensive coordinator [Chad Morris], he's been my main recruiter, coach Morris, he said I needed to call coach Swinney, because he was the only coach that can actually take a commit, so I called him and we talked, he was talking about Clemson and everything. He was talking about the class they're putting together, my class. I told him, ‘Coach, I wanted to talk to you about that. I want to be a part of it. I want to play football for Clemson University.' It's been an awesome decision. I'm really enjoying it.

How familiar are you with those other three offensive linemen who have committed to Clemson?
Giella: I've known Noah Green for a while. We did the National Underclassman Camp circuit together. We've just gone to a lot of the same camps and what not, so I've known him since about freshman year. I've never met Mitch [Hyatt] or Jake [Fruhmorgen].

With Clemson and what feels right to you about them, what are some of those things that feel good about Clemson for you?
Giella: I love the coaching staff. They all seem like great Christian, upstanding men. I want to be able to get to know them more and build a relationship with them. I feel like they know their football and know what they're doing there at Clemson. I really want to be a part of it. Another big factor was the distance. It's a little over an hour from my house. My parents and my family can come see me play. I could come see them if I wanted to, but it's really comforting. It's a great thing to have. Then, Clemson is a great school. They're a winning program, have been in the Top 10 for a number of years and their academics are top of the line.

How about the Clemson offense and the success that they've had on that side of the ball over the last couple of years, how much have you paid attention to that and was that any part of the decision in picking Clemson?
Giella: It was a big part, because they run the same offense as my high school does, pretty much. We run the fast-paced spread and then we'll get down on the ground and do the nitty-gritty, do the power gap schemes and everything. We run a lot of the same things, a lot of the same passing plays, so we run a lot of the same stuff. It's not much different than what we run at our high school.

When you get to Clemson, where do they see you fitting in, which position?
Giella: They're recruiting me as a tackle. Not really sure left or right yet, but they said they're recruiting me as a tackle. Coach Swinney said that he loves my versatility, because I can snap and I can play left and right, so he said that he'll put me anywhere he needs me and that's fine with me. Wherever they need me, I'll play.

How would you describe yourself as a player?
Giella: I don't really know, I've been described as a versatile guy who's got a mean streak that can finish blocks, has good footwork and can move. I like doing the power stuff a lot. I like running the ball. I like doing everything as an offensive lineman. It doesn't really matter to me. I'm just a versatile guy, I guess. Top Stories