Sunday Conversation: Juwuan Briscoe

There were a number of factors that kept Juwuan Briscoe under the radar for so long.

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There were a number of factors that kept Juwuan Briscoe under the radar for so long.

But there was one big-time number that helped him splash onto the scene during last month's Nike Camp in Washington D.C. Briscoe ran laser-time 4.43 in the 40. That is what folks refer to as legit speed. It's also the number Sammy Watkins posted in the 40 at the NFL Combine.

Briscoe arrived on the scene just a week earlier when he picked up his first offer while visiting Rutgers. Clemson, Maryland, West Virginia and N.C. State offered in the coming weeks.

So, it's worth asking: How did he manage stay under the radar for so long? National Recruiting Analyst Brian Dohn had some answers.

"He plays at a school that nobody knows about, Thomas Stone, so it's not like it produces a lot of kids. People weren't really going in. I think what happened -- somehow Rutgers found him, got him up to campus and offered him. People start to say, ‘Hey, who's this kid?'

"Then, he goes to Nike and runs a 4.43. When you're running a 4.43 when they're laser timing you, that's going to get the attention of everybody."

Briscoe also worked out at cornerback that afternoon at the Nike Camp. At Stone, he plays running back and free safety.

"He's got good tape. I watched him at Nike, good player…he plays safety and running back, so there's going to be an adjustment and he knows that. I spoke to him about that," Dohn said.

Dohn believes Briscoe has the tools to play cornerback.

"I think, a: He's got the speed. He's got the speed to play. He's got good change of direction, good burst," Dohn said. "I want to see a little more hip flexibility with him. He's going to have to learn back peddling. He's going to have to learn a bunch of different technique.

"I also think he could play free safety, too, which he plays right now. It's a question of how quickly can he learn coverage."

And, perhaps, Briscoe's late bloom could also be attributed to his role at Stone. As a junior, he played primarily as a running back, a position he doesn't necessarily fit his profile at the next level.

"He's more of a get the ball in space kind of kid. He doesn't have the body to run between the tackles right now. He'd have to put on some weight. He'd have to run lower," Dohn said. "If you watch his tape, he's not spin moving, he's not running people over. It's a lot of stuff in space."

By the time Briscoe arrives to Clemson for good in 2015, he'll join a redshirt sophomore heavy group of cornerbacks. With so many older, more experienced guys ahead of him, Briscoe will have his work cut out for him to see the field as a freshman. For a someone who will still be relatively inexperienced at the position, that's not necessarily a bad thing for all parties involved. Top Stories