Postseason push

Jack Leggett finds himself in rather unfamiliar territory.

Around this time of year, the usual questions about Clemson's resume are in the context of hosting a Regional or if it's good enough to receive one of the eight national seeds. But after a 2014 season that was full of ups and downs, Clemson [34-22, 15-14 ACC] heads to Greensboro for the ACC Tournament ready to fight for a bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Leggett told reporters during Monday's ACC baseball championship coaches teleconference that he was confident Clemson had done enough to earn a spot in the big dance.

"I know our resume and how we've played lately, we finished second in the division, fifth in the conference in a very strong conference," he said. "It's got us in a pretty good spot, but we, obviously, want to go to the conference tournament and do some damage, but there are a lot of other teams that have the same feeling that they need to go into the conference tournament and do something good.

"At the same time, it's been a long season. There have been some very good moments and some moments that might come back, but I think everybody in the country would tell you the same thing."

The No. 5 seed, Clemson will open tournament play against fourth-seeded Duke on Wednesday at 11 a.m. Clemson will play No. 1 seed Miami on Thursday at 7 p.m. and the winner of the Georgia Tech/Wake Forest play-in game on Friday at 3 p.m.

Matthew Crownover has been tabbed as the starter for Wednesday's game. Daniel Gossett is scheduled to start against the Hurricanes. Friday's starter will be announced later this week.

"We've just got to concentrate on winning the game on Wednesday, because I think that's the most important focus we can be started with. That's something we have under control. We can control that," Leggett said. "We can't control what everybody else does or what anybody else is doing in the country, doing in this tournament or what anybody else thinks."

Here's what Leggett thinks: Clemson is not only good enough to make the tournament, but good enough to do some damage.

"We've won nine out of our last 12 games. I think we'll probably be a team -- I don't know if anyone will want to play us in a Regional," he said. "I'm confident about what our team is capable of doing. I believe in them. I feel confident in where we are right now."

On Duke…
"I've seen where they've had some really good moments, had some down moments as well. They have some really good pitching, we know that. I think the starting pitching is probably one of the strengths of their team. They've got some hitters that will battle you from up and down the lineup and they've played some good games against good teams. They've been a little inconsistent, but at the same time, very dangerous. I think that their starting pitching is probably the equalizer for them."

On the Tigers' aces…
"Crownover and Goose Gossett are two premier pitchers in the league, so that helps us get started and feel confident going into the ACC Tournament, but we also know we've got some really good competition that we're playing against. It will be a good challenge for us, but I feel like we still have most all of our goals intact."

On not living up to expectations…
"I always have high expectations, so no season meets the expectations that I have going in, unless we win it all. We had some ups and downs, but we've had some instances where we've played extremely good against some very good competition. We played a tough schedule. We played four weekend series against teams that were, at one point, in the top five or top three in the country, so we've played some very tough ball games, and we played very competitively against them. We've just been a little inconsistent at times. When our pitching has been good, our hitting has been a little off. Our hitting has been really good and our pitching has been off." Top Stories