Williams hopes to meet Allen's standard

Dwayne Allen set a pretty lofty standard for the tight end position at Clemson.

TE Garrett Williams Profile

Garrett Williams, who committed to Clemson on Monday afternoon, is the newest entry in the long line of young tight ends hoping to follow in Allen's footsteps.

He spoke with CUTigers on Monday about what the Clemson staff has in mind for him when he arrives next year.

"To be that versatile tight end that they always look for," Williams said. "Hopefully, if I can get that good, to be like Dwayne Allen, a blocking threat and a receiving threat. That's what's kind of been shared with me."

Through Chad Morris' first three seasons at Clemson, Jay Jay McCullough and Chad Diehl are the only 3-Backs to record a carry. Williams could be next. He's done plenty of it as a wing-back at The First Academy in Orlando, Florida.

"There has been talk about that," Williams said. "In certain situations, they said there's a possibility of me being able to rush for a few yards, but we'll see how that goes."

Williams looks forward to going to work full-time with Danny Pearman, who he's worked out with for each of the last two summers.

"My relationship with coach [Jeff] Scott, coach Pearman, coach Morris and coach [Dabo] Swinney were all huge parts of my decision," Williams said. "I felt really comfortable with all of them and have really enjoyed getting to know each one of those guys."

They helped Clemson edge the other three finalists: Stanford, Florida State and Auburn.

"I would say Stanford and Clemson were my final two," Williams said. "Those were the two that it kind of came down to, to where I was deciding from."

The son of a former Florida State fullback, Williams grew up pulling for the ‘Noles on Saturday during the fall.

But, at the end of the day, Tallahassee just wasn't for him.

"I tried to take emotions out of the decision. I'm going to have to live at the university I'm going to pick every day," Williams said. "I just felt that was the place for me to live at, to attend and play football at Clemson. No disrespect to Florida State at all, but it wasn't right for me."

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