Coach Speak: Deon Cain

On Friday afternoon around 3 o'clock, four-star wide receiver Deon Cain will announce where he'll play his college ball.

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Rated by as the No. 11 wide receiver in the class of 2015, Cain is down to a list of finalists that includes Clemson, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and LSU.

CUTigers recently caught up with Tampa Bay Tech head coach, Jayson Roberts for his take on the 6-foot-3, 190-pound prospect.

As a player at the high school level, what's impressed you most about Deon over these last few years?
Roberts: His overall play-making ability, athleticism, we've had a lot of great kids, great football players come through this program, especially of the athlete variety: wide receiver, DB, quarterback, running back-type kids. But since I've been here, I would probably say he is, by far, probably the most unique when it comes to total skill set. The kid can do it all. Has a big-time, Division I type of arm, if he wanted to be a quarterback. Top-end, elite-type speed downfield, good ball skills when it comes to tracking the ball and making a play on the ball, it doesn't matter if he's by himself or has if he has three or four guys hanging off him, he can always make the play. He always makes it look relatively smooth.

You mentioned his arm, what else about him as a quarterback makes you think that he could maybe play that position at the next level?
Roberts: His football IQ, honestly. We ask our quarterbacks to do a lot, as far as calling protections, making checks at the line. We give him freedom because he's shown his football IQ. We give him the ability to check in and out of plays as he sees fit, only in certain situations. We do a lot of read stuff, where he's reading somebody on the defense, as far as zone option and things like that. He's excelled at that and those are things, at the high school level, it's kind of rare you see somebody that can handle all of that.

You touched on his skills as a receiver, is there anybody out there, a receiver that people might know that you could compare him to?
Roberts: I mean, from what I've seen, his body-type and playing style, I would probably say he reminds me a lot of Amari Cooper. Amari Cooper playing in high school, [Cain] reminds me a lot of that type of player.

How about off the field? He seems like a relatively soft-spoken, nice guy. What kind of person is he away from football?
Roberts: Man, pretty much how you said, a really laid-back kid. Not really out-spoken or very loud. He's not the type of kid where he's the life of the party. He just blends wherever he is and just kind of plays it cool. You can definitely trust him. I don't have to worry about any off the field stuff with him. I don't ever have to worry about him after the weekend, whether or not he got into any trouble or anything like that.

What are your thoughts on the way Clemson has gone about recruiting Deon over the last year or so?
Roberts: I think they've done an excellent job. Coach [Tony] Elliott and coach [Jeff] Scott have really shown what kind of a priority he is to them. I think that definitely left an impression on him. I think that's going to play a big role in whatever he decides on tomorrow. I think the job that coach Elliott and coach Scott have done has definitely put them in a position to be one of the favorite teams for him to decide on tomorrow. I take my hat off to those guys. They've done a heck of a job. Top Stories