Who Takes Over for Youngblood?

With Kevin Youngblood's season ending injury on a screen pass in yesterday's practice, all of the pressure quietly shifts over to several Clemson wide receivers. Who will lead this group once its all said and done? We've got your answers right here.

Fortunately for the Clemson Tigers, wide receiver happens to be a position that has a lot of depth, but not necessarily a whole of experience.

Based on the two weeks of fall practice, I anticipate Jackie Robinson to be the one player that steps up and becomes the receiver you can count on immediately. This will especially hold true over the first couple of games, as Air and Roscoe are going to need some time to adjust to playing college football.

Jackie is familiar with Woody's passing style since they were teammates in high school, and he caught a couple of big passes last season, including a 29-yard touchdown reception against UNC, and a 30-yard touchdown pass at Virginia. (Both catches were during crucial moments of the game.) He also understands the offense and he has the experience to put up some quality numbers. He'll easily double his production from a year ago as he starts the year off as the "go-to guy". Look for 50 catches and 7 touchdowns out of Robinson.

That being said, I expect Roscoe Crosby to have a breakout game sometime early in the season. It may not be against Central Florida, and he may not get enough playing time against Wofford for fear of injury. I say mark the Duke game on your calendar. That could be the time for him and Airese Currie to step out and make a name for themselves on the national picture.

They match up well with the Blue Devil secondary and that could be just the game for our two young athletes to put up some outstanding numbers and gain the confidence they need to help push this offense to the next level.

The wildcard in this equation is Derrick Hamilton. He's put some muscle on his tall frame in the offseason and many scouts have been impressed with him so far during practice. It will be interesting to see how he works his way into the lineup after Kevin's injury. He'll have the opportunity to contribute, no doubt.

Other guys that will fit into the mix will be Travis Zachary and Ben Hall. Hall has all but secured a spot on the first team as a tight end and Zachary was the second leading receiver out of the backfield last season.

There is no question that both Roscoe and Air are the most talented receivers on this team, but that doesn't necessarily mean a strong performance on the field. Its going to take a team effort to get these guys up to speed with this offense, and that includes guys like Joe Don Reams and Matt Bailey stepping in and helping out when needed, even its not on the field.

That being said, we should all hope and pray that Kevin is able to recover from this injury and put on a Tiger uniform again next season.

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