Summer visits on tap

Ray Ray McCloud has a long list of programs after him and he continues to handle the recruiting process with maturity beyond his years. The 2015 running back will visit a long list of schools this summer before a decision.

A long, long list of schools are after Ray Ray McCloud

and he'll visit many of them this summer. The Tampa (Fla.) Sickles athlete is likely to make his decision about halfway through summer, after he takes some trips. He'll start things off with a visit to Florida Atlantic this weekend, then he'll go on a bus tour with his 7on7 team June 8th-16th. After that, he and his father will take several trips to schools.

McCloud will revisit Florida State, Clemson, Florida, and Miami. He will be seeing UCLA, Oregon, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Ole Miss, all for the first time. A lot of these dates are still up in the air.

"(I'm looking forward to) just visiting schools and seeing new things, experiencing new things," McCloud said.

McCloud has had several great visits already and different schools have made big impressions. The electric athlete doesn't get carried away though. He continues to keep his mind open, knowing there is much more for him to see before reaching a decision. What will he be keeping in mind on these visits?

"Just my heart, the place I feel like I should be. Coaches could be gone any second," he said.

He'll also have his dad with him, who encourages him to follow his heart.

"He just tells me, ‘Just make sure you feel right and you feel like it's for you, make sure the coaches do what they say,'" he said.

After these visits, McCloud plans to sit down and make pro/con lists about each school, then arrive at a decision from there. He says people can look for a mid-summer decision from him. Top Stories