Coach Speak: LaSamuel Davis

In less than a decade, Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School has sent three of its best defensive ends to Clemson.

From Ricky Sapp to Da'Quan Bowers and Martin Aiken, there's quite a pipeline between Bamberg and Clemson.

Three-star prospect LaSamuel Davis will announce his commitment from his church at 11 on Saturday morning. CUTigers recently caught up with Bamberg-Ehrhardt defensive coordinator Corey Crosby for his thoughts on Davis.

How have you see him develop over the years?
Crosby: He's developing into a monster. The University of Georgia just came by to watch his tape and watch his spring game and they were comparing him to -- saying that, right now, he's playing at the level [Jadeveon] Clowney played at, using offensive linemen, squeezing and running plays down. You don't find many high school kids doing that at this level. I mean, he's developed great. He's worked hard, put on some more weight, worked hard in the offseason, worked hard on his trade and his skill on the d-line. He's developing well right now.

It's hard to compare him to the other guys y'all have had, but purely as a defensive end prospect, how would you rank him against Martin Aiken, Da'Quan Bowers and Ricky Sapp?
Crosby: I mean, those guys are great guys. They're good people. But, I mean, [Davis'] skill level right now is off the charts. He's fast off the ball. He's quick. He plays with his hands. He runs plays down. He's got a motor that's just non-stop. That's something you can't measure. Those are guys are great guys, but right now, he's playing at a whole other level than those guys did in high school. It might be because he saw those guys coming through and that's probably why he's playing like that. He's playing at a whole other level right now.

What separates him as an end? What makes him so good?
Crosby: He's quick, plays well with his hands, his hand placement. My d-line coach does a great job with that, how to place his hands. He runs real well. He can dip and rip, plays the run well, can squeeze the box well. He can move around blocks. That's kind of where he's good at, and he's running to the ball. You can't run away from him, because he'll run you down. He's got long legs to run you down. He's a freak, man.

Right now, he's about 6-4, 6-5 in the 215-220 range?
Crosby: He's 6-4, 218 right now. That's his weight right now.

When you look at him, do you think he's got the frame of a guy who's probably going to put on another 15-20 pounds down the road?
Crosby: Honestly, he could put on 40 pounds. He eats well, but he doesn't know what he's got to do with the nutrition part of it. That's the thing about it. His dad is a big guy. He could be 235 easy, once he's in a program. This summer, we hired a coach who's going to do the weight room also, like I did, but he's going to work on the nutrition part of it, too. [Davis is] going to be 225 this summer. He's going to put on 7-8 pounds this summer.

How is LaSamuel away from the field? Is he a quiet, shy kind of a kid?
Crosby: He's not shy. He's about business. That's what I told the coach from Georgia. He was like, he's not on Twitter or anything. He's not that kind of kid. He's all about business and how can I get better...even on the field, he doesn't talk. He just goes to work. He might celebrate and do some things with his team, but he's not one of those guys that's just to do well in the weight room and do well in the classroom. He has a 2.8 core in the classroom. That's kind of how he carries himself. Top Stories