Summer Position Glimpse: 9-position

The 9-position appears to be in good hands with Mike Williams, who was a four-star recruit coming out of Lake Marion High School.

As a freshman, Williams caught 20 passes in 13 games, three of which were he started..

Projected starter: Sophomore Mike Williams

Backups: Two four-star freshmen are set to be in line behind Williams. Demarre Kitt, who arrived to Clemson in January as an early enrollee, currently sits second on the depth chart. He'll contend with Trevion Thompson for second-team reps when he shows up for school later this month.

What we learned this spring: There were times when the Clemson coaches wanted Williams to be a little more consistent. But, at the end of the day, they're very satisfied with what Williams will add to the position, which DeAndre Hopkins and Martavis Bryant occupied in each of the last three seasons.

Long-term future: If Williams makes significant improvements from year one to year two and year two to year three, it won't surprise anyone if he follows in the footsteps of his predecessors and leaves early for the NFL. If that was to happen, Kitt and Thompson would enter the 2016 season as juniors and/or redshirt freshmen.

A pair of commitments for the Tigers' 2015 class could eventually work into rotation at the 9-position. Shadell Bell, a three-star, could also be a fit at the 5-position. Four-star Deon Cain is probably a better option at the 9 than he would be at the 5.

Moving forward: Over 404 snaps, Williams caught 20 passes for 316 yards with three touchdowns last season. Since he'll see a significant uptick in playing time in 2014, one would have to assume that he'll catch more passes, gain more yards and score a couple more touchdowns. By the end of the season, Williams could be in the discussion for All-ACC honors. It will also be interesting to see how the Clemson staff handles the two freshmen. Will one play? Will one redshirt? Or do both avoid a redshirt? Top Stories