Recruiter of record

Chad Smith committed to Clemson as a relatively under-recruited, under-ranked commodity. He's since risen to the No. 51 outside linebacker ranking and has emerged as one of the top recruiters in the Tigers' 2015 class.

OLB Chad Smith Profile

Before heading down for camp last, Smith invited several prospects from the state of Virginia to go along for the ride. Among the prospects to accept that invite were five-star defensive tackle Tim Settle and four-star offensive guard Matthew Burrell.

"I knew I was going to bring down Tim Settle. I knew for a fact that I was going to bring him down. I told him earlier that I was going down for camp and I asked if he wanted to go. I told him, ‘If you want to bring anybody you know, whether it's teammates or just friends that are on different schools' teams, whatever, feel free," Smith recently told CUTigers.

Clemson's staff was pleased with his work.

"They appreciated me and my efforts recruiting the other guys, getting them down on campus. They were very appreciative of it," Smith said.

He added, "I was glad I was able to bring down those guys."

For Smith, the experience in Clemson was a good one.

"I enjoyed my time down there a lot," he said, "Being able to work with coach [Brent] Venables again, this time as a Clemson commitment, [it] was a great feeling being able to get a second time with him and the way he coaches and what he's looking for his players to do on the field and technique and all.

"It was great to get a grasp of that. I'm looking forward to coming to Clemson in early January as an actual player."

Smith shared a technique that he learned from Venables during camp.

"This camp, I was able to learn whether you're on a split out tight end or a tight end on the line, when you're head up on him, instead of shaded to one side, you really need quick hands to jam him off the line," Smith said. "One thing that you need to do is that your first punch a mirage-type of thing, that fake punch to draw the tight end's attention off that one hand. When the tight end focuses on that one hand to knock away, that other hand is coming in and being the actual the hand that you really knock him off his route, disrupt his route."

As a junior, he had 96 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, six interceptions, a pick-6 and recovered a fumble. On the offensive side of the ball, Smith rushed 78 times for 760 yards and 12 touchdowns. Top Stories