Plans for a summer return

This summer, James Skalski doesn't plan to go camping for offers.

MLB James Skalski Profile

The Northgate High School [Newnan, Georgia] rising junior middle linebacker went to one-day camps at Clemson and South Carolina, two programs that had already offered.

Within the next month or so, Skalski will return to Clemson, but he doesn't plan on attending any more camps.

"I enjoyed it a lot," he said of the Dabo Swinney Football Camp. "I really liked working with coach [Brent] Venables. It was a good experience, a good experience with him. I really enjoyed it."

Skalski went in-depth about his work with Venables.

"I like him a lot. I learned a lot," Skalski said. "The little stuff that makes a difference, he emphasizes that. Just one day there, it definitely improved my game. I learned a lot of stuff, just from the morning session with him. I really enjoyed working with the guy."

He also detailed the reason for a return later this summer.

"I'm probably going to come back for an unofficial visit, to talk to him a little more. Just talking to him, not so much football, he's a good guy, fun talk to, whom I enjoy," Skalski said.

The 6-1, 223-pound prospect also spoke about his time in Columbia for the South Carolina camp.

"I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the Clemson camp a little more, it was more fast-paced stuff. South Carolina was kind of slow with everything," Skalski said. "I just liked the Clemson camp a little more, I liked the environment a little more."

As a sophomore, he had 120 tackles, seven sacks and an interception. Top Stories