Stoudt looks ahead

CLEMSON - QB Cole Stoudt speaks about the first day of full pads and his expectations for Saturday's scrimmage.

What was it like out there in full pads for the first time?
Stoudt: It's a good thing getting out there in full pads. The game starts speeding up and everyone starts going a little harder and we've got to go in there and look at the mistakes we made. It's good seeing everyone going full speed, it's good to look at when we get the film. We're gonna see how the day goes out, but I think today was pretty damn good.

Did you get a bit nervous when you saw Isaiah go down there in Paw Drills?
Stoudt: I didn't know he went down. I wasn't down there. I know the O-line did good, but I didn't know Battle went down. He's athletic enough, I know he'll get back up.

Who's impressed you so far with the wide receivers? You've been in this program forever. Who looks good to you right now?
Stoudt: Demarre's doing really good. Today he probably had one of his best practices. He's going out there catching everything, making the right reads. It's good that we're connecting out there. All the receivers too, especially the G-Hop's doing a great job out there. He's coming to work, he's kinda being quiet out there. He's just focused on just football and the next play and getting himself better. Pretty much all the receivers are out there doing the same thing and the o-line is looking great too. Those are some guys that just stand out so far right now on the first day of live practice. But I know that all of them come out to play and it's going to be exciting to see the rest of them play.

Now that you're live, it's sorta like the daily grind out here isn't it?
Stoudt: This is the hard part of camp where we have to stay physically and mentally tough and grind through it, get better everyday. You're gonna be tired and exhausted, but you've just gotta keep going out there and push yourself.

You've got that scrimmage coming up in a couple days, what do you wanna work on? What do you wanna see from this offense particularly as you work up to that first scrimmage?
Stoudt: Everything that I've been working on in practice, leadership skills, getting the offense in the endzone any way I possibly can, making the right reads, just footwork and moving the ball the best I can. Everything I do in practice I'm gonna put into this scrimmage. We're gonna get game situations out there and it's gonna be fun getting out there and seeing the whole game situation with everyone and it's always fun being with the guys out there in a scrimmage getting live bullets.

Realistically, as you guys install the offense, how much do you think with the new guys, especially with the young freshman receivers can you actually get in before the Georgia game?
Stoudt: We're gonna get there. A lot of the guys are stepping up. The freshmen are looking good too. They're coming along. It's the beginning of camp, they still got a lot of stuff to learn, but they've learned a lot in the summer. It's coming along and they're getting there. I know some of the freshmen will play this year and they look pretty good.

How are you sleeping at night knowing your first start is about three weeks out?
Stoudt: While on camp I'm sleeping great because I'm coming home tired, but I'm not really thinking about the pressure. It's just another game I've got to prepare for or another season I've gotta prepare for. I trust the guys out there. I trust everyone really so I'm comfortable in my situation. I don't have any stress or any pressure on me so when I lay my head down to sleep I'm knocked out because I'm excited about the next day and getting back out there with the guys.

Your dad was out there whining about the heat and everything. Did you tell him to kinda suck it up a little bit and fight through it?
Stoudt: Yeah a little bit. He's been through the heat and everything for camp when they used to have those thick jerseys. He's saying it's hot, but he's not in full pads so I've got to give him a little crap for that. It's kinda funny seeing him whine about there.

Is there a running back Cole that has impressed you up to this point? I know it's an open competition, a lot of guys, is there anything that stands out there?
Stoudt: It's just like spring. All of them are making plays. All of them are looking real good and have made a lot of improvements in the summer. Here in camp they're bringing what they improved on in the summer with footwork and speed and making their own reads and they're all stepping up and making some great plays and it's just like how it was in the spring. We've got great depth at running back, and we're gonna use them. Top Stories