Quick hits with Jay Jay McCullough

CLEMSON - Tight end Jay Jay McCullough talks with CUTigers about the start of preseason camp.

I would imagine physicality is going to be a big part of your game this year, right? It seems like you are built to be great blocker.
McCullough: Well I heard what the coaches were telling me, but I couldn’t physically get there. But now I understand that and I’m getting more physical. Jordan Leggett, all the tight ends, we’re all getting more physical. Jordan Leggett’s come a long way too and Stanton Seckinger. Those guys both played wide receiver in high school. Sam Cooper he already has that physicality and we’re trying to mimic that and be like him. We had Darryl Smith last year, and that’s something we’re missing now. So now coaches expect me and Jordan to step up and bring that physicality that Daryl had. We’re working hard and getting better each day.

Does it feel like the game is slowing down a bit for you?
McCullough: At first it was fast for me, but once you learn it everything comes naturally for you. My athletic ability comes out now. I can showcase that now that I know what I need to do. I’m playing a lot faster, smarter. I’m noticing things, understanding the defense.

What are you seeing from the freshman tight ends right now?
McCullough: Milan [Richard] and Cannon [Smith], those guys are looking good right now. They have a lot to learn. Cannon is a big guy and his physicality is already at a higher level, but he still has a lot of work to do. Milan’s route running is very good because he played wide receiver in high school. He was just like me at the beginning, not understanding the physicality part and some of the blocking. That’s something he’s gonna have to work on on his way towards the season. As of right now, I’m not mad at them. There’s a lot of stuff coming in right now. This is a fast offense and there’s a lot of plays. To be a young guy, they’re picking it up well.

What's the potential of this offense this season?
McCullough: Our offense has a lot of potential. They will be able to use me and Jordan Leggett in a lot of different places. We’ve got a lot of weapons. I think we’re gonna be very good on offense. We’re not gonna be too specific on anything. We’re gonna have a broad variety of plays. I think our offense will be good. It’s gonna be fast. Our tight ends, me, Jordan Leggett, Stanton Seckinger, a lot of speed at the position. We’re gonna be difficult match ups for linebackers.

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