Confident Lakip poised for first start

CLEMSON - The player in charger of filling the big shoes of Chandler Catanzaro... is Ammon Lakip.

Lakip told reporters after Tuesday's practice he feels immune to pressure packed moments, having kicked two game-winning field goals in his high school career.

"Personally I feel calm under pressure," Lakip said. "It's more difficult for me personally to show up for practice everyday with a strong attitude and be ready to go. Game days I've always felt like I would be ready."

Lakip also later told he's really only felt nervous twice in his life- once when he played varsity soccer for the first time, stepping in for his older brother for the first time. And the other? When his parents got mad at him for getting in trouble.

And as far as filling Catman's shoes, he's ready for that challenge as well.

"They are definitely big shoes to fill," he said. "But personally I just do me. I'm definitely kind of a different kicker. I rely on strong work ethic and I think I've matured a lot in the last three years sitting behind Catman and everyone else."

The junior from Georgia is expected to start for the Tigers against Georgia on Aug. 30. He's drawn praise from the coaching staff throughout preseason camp, displaying ample leg strength and outstanding accuracy.

In fact early last week he connected on a 55-yard field goal to end practice. Here's what else Lakip had to say in talking to reporters yesterday: Top Stories