Morris optimistic entering start of season

CLEMSON - Chad Morris talks about a number of topics entering Saturday's matchup at Georgia.

Are you watching more Florida State or Georgia film at this point?
Morris: Well we've been watching both really. You know, looking at personnel from last year and obviously knowing Coach Pruitt and where he's been we've watched Florida State. It's been back and forth and we've been doing that for the last month. Just trying to find out who's playing where and watching some of their personnel groupings and some of what they did. But more of Florida State, which is what you'd expect.

FSU played a lot of press-man coverage last year against you. Do you expect Georgia to do that as well now that Pruitt is the defensive play caller?
Morris: I do. I think they are very confident in their corners. They have some new guys in there. I do know watching those guys from last year and playing against them a year ago they have a new junior college transfer. He's a very good player. What is your confidence level right now in Charone Peake?
Morris: He hasn't had any issues at all off the knee. It's more of him getting into game shape. Last week was hot so that helps and we had a chance to test him pretty good. He's going to play and play quite a bit. We're excited. When he's out there and he's fresh, he's pretty special.

Adam Choice is going to play for you this season. What does he bring to the table?
Morris: Well he's a humble young man. Always willing to learn. Comes to work. Doesn't say much. He's very attentive in our meetings. He's a perfectionist when it somces to that. He's got a low center of gravity and has ability to make plays on the field. Very explosive and quick. Extremely quick. He also runs over the top of his pads.

What about the concern at tackle entering this game?
Morris: It's always a concern. We've got some guys that w'ere able to move around and cut and paste in some areas. Obviously we are looking at Isaiah Battle being our left tackle and Joe Gore being right tackle. If we get into that situation that we need to do some moving around, we'll do that.

What's the situation at left guard right now?
Morris: Out of everyone we had up front during fall camp, Reid Webster was the probably the biggest surprise. I don't want to use the word surprise in a bad way either. This is kind of what we've been waiting on. He had a really good camp. Reid is going to be able to play multiple position to help us out with the guys we've got. Eric Mac Lain will be in there at times as well.

Can you talk about your tight ends?
Morris: Jordan [Leggett] has had a good camp. He picked up where he left off during the spring. I thought he had a really good spring too. I thought he has done everything this fall to start separating himself. But we are going to need all of those guys there. Sam Cooper had a goo damp. We're really hoping Jordan will have a big year for us.

What about Stanton Seckinger?
Morris: Stanton got back on the field last week. He looked good. We'll see how he is as the week progresses.

Can you tell us who will redshirt and who will play this year?
Morris: It's too early to say that right now. I wouldn't want to say that right now. We've got an anidea, but we also had an idea on Adam Choice. Some things, you just can't put tha tinto, 'hey this is what we're going to do' until you get to it. An injury can change things - similar to Adam. Top Stories