5 Keys to Victory: The Central Florida Game

With kickoff less than a week away, its time for all of us to take off our "Orange Colored Glasses" and examine what its going to take for the Tigers to take care of business Saturday afternoon. Central Florida is a very talented team, make no mistake about it. The Tigers will have to bring no less than their "A" game to win this one, and with that being said, lets take a quick look at the 5 keys to victory.

1. The Secondary
How will the Tigers respond to the new formation (4-2-5) employed by Reggie Herring and company? With a group of unproven tailbacks on the UCF roster, look for the Golden Knights to put the ball in the air 40+ times. This young, athletic secondary will be tested early and often. John Leake steps into the star-safety position, and if he's as good as advertised, he'll have the chance to make multiple spectacular plays in this football game.

Marcus Houskin has been known to hit at the free safety position, but how will he respond when he has to cover a speedy wide receiver 30 yards down the field? All of these guys: Houskin, Hafley, Leake, Johnson, Meekins, Fudge, and whoever else gets significant playing time will be tested in a big way in this game...lets hope they respond to the challenge.

2. Woody Danztler
Woody is a Heisman candidate, there is no question about that, but he's got to throw the football down field for this team to be successful this season. If Woody is tucking the ball and running early, its not necessarily a good sign. Learning to stay in the pocket that extra second will pay huge dividends later against the stronger teams like Georgia Tech and FSU. Central Florida is a talented team and they, along with every other team this year, will be focused on making Woody beat them with his arm. How he responds to that will go a long way in determining the outcome of this game.

3. Jackie Robinson
This will be the man that will step into Kevin Youngblood's shoes for the FIRST game. Central Florida has a strong secondary and somebody is going to have to become a playmaker. Look for Jackie Robinson to get his chance to shine. Roscoe Crosby and Airese Currie will both get significant playing time, but look for a veteran like Robinson to take his game to next level early in the season. TE Ben Hall will also help carry the receiving load, and he could be the freshman that has the most influence on this game offensively.

4. The Kicking Game
Wynn Kopp and Aaron Hunt have Tommy Bowden feeling "secure" in the kicking game for the first time since he's been at Clemson. Coming off a huge game-winning field goal against South Carolina is crucial for Hunt's confidence this season. Kopp has also been very consistent with his punts in practice, generating good distance and great height on most of his kicks.

Aaron Hunt will have the opportunity for a couple of field goals in this game and we'll quickly learn whether he will be weapon or a liability this season. Hunt has a strong leg, and he should be consistent inside of 44-45 yards- no questions asked. He'll need to get off on the right track with a solid game against Central Florida.

5. The Front Four
The defensive line MUST be able to get pressure on Central Florida quarterback Ryan Schneider. Watch the Tiger's defensive line closely, are they getting pressure on the quarterback? A strong pass defense starts with the a good pass rush. Kahleed Vaughn, Nick Eason, and Javon Bush are just some of the names you should expect to hear come Saturday. If these guys are breaking through the UCF offensive line and creating havoc, this game could get ugly for Central Florida. If they aren't able to do that, this game could get ugly for Clemson.

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