Quick hits with Adam Humphries

Senior wide receiver Adam Humphries previews Saturday's game at No. 1 Florida State.

We talked to Coach Morris yesterday, but especially Venables and Dabo today, which they’re always fairly animated, but they seem like they had an extra bounce in their step. Have you noticed that out of the coaching staff as this week approaches?
Humphries: Today, honestly Coach Morris is always amped up, I’m not worried about how he’s going to come to practice, he’s drink Red Bulls 24/7. I feel like Venables is the same way. One thing with Coach Swinney, is he’s always excited. One thing with the coaching staff is that they’re really consistent in the way they handle the players and address the meetings and things like that, so nothing really out of the ordinary. I think we all know in the back of our minds the kind of opportunity we have, so that’s how we’re going to approach it this week.

You guys are almost three touchdown underdogs, do you like playing that role for a change?
Humphries: Yeah I guess it is a change being 20 point underdogs, it’s crazy. As a competitor when you hear that, it definitely adds to the strive you have during the week to prove yourself and to prove to others that we aren’t three touchdown underdogs. We’re only two games into the season, so it’s kind of hard to prove who’s a three touchdown underdog or not. This early in the season I really don’t listen to statistics like that, but it’s definitely a good opportunity to go out and prove that we aren’t that.

An early precedent has been set in the ACC these first few weeks, for example Virginia Tech knocking off Ohio State, do you pay attention to that?
Yeah I love that, I love seeing the ACC succeed. I hated seeing Virginia Tech lose to ECU, but anytime the ACC can pull off a big upset like that is awesome. Watching Boston College just go out there and play is one thing that I took from that game and have been sharing to the players. They were huge underdogs and went out there and played like they had nothing to lose—that’s one thing we can learn from that game.

Do you feel that going into this game you guys are trying to gain back some of that respect that people have seemed to have lost for you guys?
Humphries: Yeah, I definitely feel like we are. Like I was saying, we have a lot of talent on this team. We really feel like we didn’t put our best foot forward against Georgia, so we really want to go out there and prove that we can win on the road against some really good teams and this is a great opportunity for that.

What’s the biggest thing you learned from last year’s game going forward into this week?
Humphries: The details matter. Turnovers are huge. In games like that just a few plays make the difference. Getting a mixed signal from the sideline can cause a fumble and a touchdown the other way. Just little things like that make a huge difference in big games like this.

You mentioned 50 straight weeks in the polls, do you worry about things like that?
Humphries: You think about that a little bit, but it’s not a huge deal. That’s just something that we are proud of as a team, being in the top 25 for the past 50 weeks is something we can hang our hats on.

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