Beasley's assault on record books continues

CLEMSON - The always humble Vic Beasley reflects on becoming the all-time sack leader in Clemson football history, and reveals a goal for his senior season.

Vic Beasley came to Clemson in 2010 not knowing what to expect.

The soft-spoken Georgia native oozed athleticism, but it wasn't obvious to anyone - including himself - what position best suited his skills.

Oh sure, he was big and he was fast. He was also comfortable with the ball in his hands, both as a running back and as a receiver. Even the Clemson coaching staff debated whether or not he could help the team on the offensive side of the ball.

“He could have played running back, wideout, safety, corner, linebacker – he’s that athletic and can run that fast,” Dabo Swinney said.

Turns out, none of those positions would have made as much sense as defensive end.

Entering the final six games of his senior season, Beasley has more than found his niche as a pass-rushing specialist. He's recorded sacks in eight straight games, including the first six of his senior season, and is now the all-time sack leader in school history.

He surpassed a record held by Michael Dean Perry and the late Gaines Adams during Clemson's 23-17 win over Louisville last weekend.

"It's like a dream come true," Beasley admitted. "I wanted to do it here in Memorial Stadium. I know I'm setting an example here for the guys that come after me and for my teammates this year. It really is like a dream come true."

The good news for Clemson fans is he's far from done. With at least seven games remaining in his college career, and already with eight sacks on the stat sheet, Beasley has his sights set on a bigger number.

"I want to get to 20 this year," he said.

Holy cow. 20? As in 20 sacks in one season?

For some perspective, the single-season record in Tigertown is 16. Considering he's halfway through the regular season schedule, that's certainly a possibility- especially if he stays healthy and the Tigers go to a bowl game.

But 20?

Dabo Swinney certainly thinks it's possible. The Tigers' sixth-year head coach has gushed over his senior defensive end ever since he announced he was returning for his senior season, instead of opting for the NFL draft.

“He’s one of the most explosive athletes in college football,” he said. "It's really amazing because he's a leader for us now too. He's not a young man anymore he's a full-grown man. Even in the run game now he's sticking his nose in there stuffing runs. He can run things down from behind. He's been amazing to watch."

Stay tuned. The Vic Beasley show still has seven episodes left. And if all goes according to plan, he'll leave Tigertown with more records than he already has. Top Stories