CUTigersTV: Chad Morris

CLEMSON - Offensive coordinator Chad Morris discusses the win over Syracuse.

On the tempo at times in the second half:
"I thought our tempo wore them down. I thought it wore them down early in the game. I thought we played with really good tempo but when you're tempoing you got your guys, too. They're telling me, 'Stay with the tempo, coach. Stay with the tempo.' We got into a rhythm right there. One of the things that really helped right there was some key runs by Cole. They were doing some things that the only answer was a quarterback run. I wasn't going to throw the football. I wasn't going to put it in the air. We were going to to run the football. I told them that, 'We are running the football and Cole is going to have to make some plays.' He did that in some critical situations which was key.”

On the lack of continuity on offense:
"I will say this: those that know these guys and know what they're going through and know the work that they put in. My hat is off to our guys. They don't gripe. They don't complain. We've changed the way we practice and they keep up and they keep responding. Now, I'm very disappointed in the way we performed the first half. Everybody is waiting on somebody else to make a play. Everything you see coming into halftime, everybody is waiting on someone else to make a play. That was our challenge at halftime. I was very disappointed in them - turning the ball over. Our challenge is somebody in that room, and it can't be a coach because they can't play, somebody has to come together and make a play. Let's get somebody a hot hand and stick with it. That was our challenge. These guys are giving great effort. For whatever reason, the depth that we have is a challenge right now to these guys but they are working their tail off." Top Stories