Quick hits with Chad Morris

CLEMSON - Offensive coordinator Chad Morris discusses the return of Deshaun Watson and looks ahead to Georgia Tech.

What’s it going to be like having Deshaun back?
Morris: What we’ve done is, we’ve really had to simplify a whole lot. I think I made this comment a few weeks ago, but we are as simple, and have been as simple over the past few weeks since we’ve ever been here. Even prior to the first game against Troy with Tajh. We’ve tried to simplify a lot of think for different situations and circumstances. I felt like early in the year, that we were really opening up, but obviously with losing Deshaun it didn’t help matters.

Any concern that maybe the guys who were here got comfortable doing what they’ve done the past few weeks?
Morris: No, I don’t think so at all. What happens is that when you start getting guys back, you create competition. I’ve said it all year long, that’s one of the best things that Coach Venables and those guys have on that side of the ball. Yeah, they have all these seniors, but they’ve got seniors competing with seniors. They’ve got a level of competition where if one guy isn’t playing well, they can put another guy in there and not have a drop off. So I think by us getting some guys back, we’ll create some competition. But no, I don’t think there’s any player that would say he’s complacent.

Has the offensive line injuries and play been one of the tougher developments to deal with and game plan for this year?
Morris: Not just the offensive line, but also any position, as a coach, you know there’s going to be some veteran guys. Then as a coach, you always say that there are a couple guys that will surprise you—surprise you in a good way and surprise you in a bad way, maybe some young guys. So you’ll have a couple guys through fall camp, through spring ball, and say “man this guy was a pleasant surprise.” Artavis Scott has been a pleasant surprise. Zac Brooks was a pleasant surprise, even though we knew he was a veteran. Prior to his injury in fall camp, we knew he was on that track. So what happens is that some of the guys you’ve been counting on maybe don’t perform up to the level that you thought they should have. Then you have to deal with injuries along the way and the lack of depth, so you try to create competition every way you can.

Can you take some satisfaction from the fact that over this month you’ve won every game you’ve played?
Morris: I think two-fold. I think number one is we’ve won, we’ve found ways to win, we’ve played well in the fourth quarter, and so yes, that’s one way to look at it. To be truthfully honest, the way we approach it is that we want to be the best in the country. We’ve set a standard offensively. It’s about performance, and that’s our approach to our guys. This is not an excuse-making time, we go out and perform.

Where do you stand against Georgia Tech’s defense?
Morris: Obviously, we’ve watched some video. They’re going to move around, they’re going to go a good job at disguising their pressures and their coverage. I think that they’ve played a lot of guys and created competition. They’re well coached and they’ll be ready to go. They’re 8-2, they’re in the top part of their conference on that side. It’s going to be a huge game for them, just as it is for us.

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