Dabo discusses Tigers as ACC favorites

PINEHURST, N.C. - Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney met with the media Tuesday morning at the ACC Football Kickoff.

Dabo's thoughts on being favorites in the ACC:
Swinney: "I don't really have a lot of thoughts on it, to be honest with you. I never really get caught up in the preseason type stuff. I appreciate people having respect for our program and our players. But really it's about performance. Hopefully when it's all said and done in December we can get the job done and make those people who voted for us look smart. We are looking for it. We have a lot of people to replace and I love our roster.

"I definitely think we have as good a shot as anybody else out there."

On not being on twitter:
Swinney: "I'm what they call a twitter quitter. I don't tweet. I'm not interested in having a bunch of followers or whatever. I'm kind of old school with modern ways. My O-line coach talks about that all the time. I'm young but I'm still kind of traditionalist in some ways. Certainly it's a part of our program. Twitter for our coaches has been a way to communicate with our players. I don't really participate in it but we do as a program."

What are your thoughts on Louisville and having to go there on a Thursday night?
"Seems like we get a Thursday night game every year on the road. That's one of the things about being at Clemson. I've never played there or coached there. I've seen Louisville on TV. It's a very very difficult challenge to get a team ready - especially when you play on a Saturday afternoon against App State then you travel the next Wednesday. We'll have to have a good plan as we move forward through fall camp. Look forward to going up there."

What is like coaching Deshaun Watson?
Swinney: "He's as advertised. For him to be preseason player of the year for you guys is based on what you've seen. But he's beyond that. What you don't know is that he's only been in college for a year. And what you don't know is who he is. He's one of the smartest players I've been around. I haven't been around many seniors who possess the football I.Q. that he has. Can't wait to get him back on the field. When he's out there, we've got a chance each play for something special to happen."

On handling expectations this year as preseason favorites:
Swinney: "I tell our guys all the time I've been on teams that started inside the top 10 that didn't finish the season ranked. I've been on teams, like our 2011 ACC Championship team, that weren't even ranked to start the year. We talk about expectations with our guys all the time. Oklahoma was picked in the top five last year and look what happened. You have to have a plan for success. It's all about that. If you don't have that than you are going to be in trouble."

On playing in Syracuse in the Carrier Dome again this year:
Swinney: "He's done a great job building them up (Scott Shaffer). I loved playing up there. I thought it was really cool. The whole environment of Syracuse. It's definitely a place if it's a tight game in the fourth quarter the crowd can be a factor."

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