Jeff Scott Excited About Offense

CLEMSON, SC - Co-Offensive Coordinator Jeff Scott discusses the first two days of camp.

A hoarse Jeff Scott talked to the media briefly after practice yesterday and discussed QB Deshaun Watson, the wide receivers and Ray-Ray McCloud.

"As coaches, we have to get our voices in shape as well. I'm not able to practice on my wife in the summer. First practice we've got yelling. Feels great to be back on the field and get ready for the season."

When asked if this is the deepest group of talent at WR he's had, Scott replied, "Yeah, it has the potential to be. That's something we've talked about. There's 8 guys right now that all have the potential to play and be difference-makers. Obviously, we've had talented guys in the past, but this has the potential to be the deepest group we've had. It has a chance to be a special group."

"Deshaun has looked great. Just like last year. Sharp, clean, efficient. Knows where to go with the ball. The whole offense operates completely different whenever he's in there. First day he goes up, makes a check and throws a TD pass. He looks as good as ever."

"I've been real pleased with the retention of the young guys. Usually that's the biggest thing for the young guys is knowing where to line up, the routes, the changes of the reads--the hots and all that. But they've done a good job. And I think it also says a lot about our older guys spending time with them this summer in skills and drills, when coaches can't be out there. Charone Peak, Mike Williams and Artavis Scott. They really took those young guys under their wing starting in June. I can tell just going through our meetings that these guys already have a great foundation. So I give those older guys a lot of credit, and the young guys are really sharp and have a great football knowledge. That's something you really don't know until they get here, but I've been very pleased with both of the young guys."

Redshirt freshman Trevion Thompson has looked very impressive in the first two practices, and I asked Coach Scott for his impression of Thompson thus far. "Really I saw that this spring. I was very surprised and impressed this spring," Scott said. "He came out with a great attitude. I think he's had a great summer. Physically, he looks really good. Yesterday, I was watching video, and I was trying to figure out if that's Mike Williams or Trevion Thompson, and that's a good thing when you're having to replay to see which one. But he's gotten faster, stronger, more confident and made a bunch of plays. Still has some development to go in the mental aspects--figuring it all out--but it's definitely a lot of good competition in the boundary with Mike Williams, Trevion and Deon. Those are three special guys. It keeps Mike Williams on his toes, that's for sure." Top Stories