B.J. Goodson: Johnny on the Spot

CLEMSON, SC - Inside linebacker B.J. Goodson saw a lot more playing time last season than he did in his first two. He contributed to the #1-ranked defense in all the land with 3.5 tackles for loss, 1 sack and 3 recovered fumbles, which tied him for 10th in the nation in that category. The redshirt senior will see much more playing time this season. He spoke with the media after practice.

Q: This ought to still be a pretty good defense, right?

“Definitely. We’ve got a lot of confidence. A lot of the guys have gotten a lot of reps. We’re looking forward to staying a relentless defense. We have a standard that we’re held to. We go out and work every day, grind every day and try to get better.”

Q: How has your preparation during the summer changed?

“This summer was a little different just because I knew I needed to get my body in shape to be an every down player. I took that into mind in my training, and it’s working out pretty good. It’s not necessarily as much the work out as it is the mind set. That starts with yourself and looking in the mirror.”

Q: What is it like coming to Clemson from such a small town like Lamar?

“I’ve gotten a chance to see guys like Tig Willard come from small towns. Getting a chance to see him succeed was pretty motivational for me, coming out of Lamar. He’s helped me throughout the years just to keep my head on straight and to keep pressing.”

Q: Has it been an easy transition for you calling signals? I’ve always heard you were a good student of the game.

“I’ve been doing that ever since coach Venables got here, and it’s a nice transition.”

Q: Has it been a challenge for you to become a more assertive or vocal leader?

“Yes it has. Becoming a more vocal leader on the defense because we need it. I’m the type who really likes to lead by example, but I really have to step up vocally.”

Q: Are you a different personality on the field than off the field?

“Definitely. When I’m on the field, it’s kind of like in a video game when the screen goes red and it’s rage. I’m kind of in that mode. Coach V has helped me with having that mentality and turning it on and off. When I’m on the field, everything’s a go.”

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