Q & A with Charone Peake

Clemson WR Charone Peake spoke with the media on Monday about the Wofford game and the upcoming season.

Q:  What is the difference between the WR group now and when you first came to Clemson?

Peake:  “I guess the main difference is there is a lot more depth now. With those guys (Sammy, Nuk), I was the guy in the second rotation, so that’s a difference too. But we’ve got a lot of talent in the room. I’m really looking forward to seeing how those guys perform.”


Q:  When you see those young guys, who stands out to you?

Peake:  “They all stand out. All of them are great players, like Ray-Ray and Deon. Even Shadell (Bell) and Hunter Renfrow. All those guys stand out. They’re amazing players.”


Q:  Now that you are a starter, with all you’ve been through, how is it going to feel going out as a starter on Saturday?

Peake:  “I kind of got a glimpse of it in 2013, but then I tore my ACL. It feels good to be a starter, but I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities and making plays.”


Q:  You’ve had a couple long TD’s in the scrimmages. Do you consider yourself more of a deep threat or a possession receiver or whatever is called for from you?

Peake:  “I try to be every type of receiver there is, so I don’t want to label myself as a deep threat. I want to be every type of receiver there is.”


Q:  Do you have any goals to play a certain number of games or have a certain number of catches?

Peake:  “I don’t really set stat goals. My goals for the season are kind of out of my control. Just to stay healthy and play our game. I guess if I do that, it will kind of take care of itself.”


Q:  Do you think the attention that Mike and Artavis are going to get will open things up for you?

Peake:  “Yeah, it definitely will because those are amazingly talented guys. Mike will open it up for me [sic] and Artavis, and Tay will open it up for me and Mike. It all works out together.”


Q:  You came up with Nuk, Sammy and Martavis. What are your thoughts on the whole WRU thing, and have you been following those guys in the NFL?

Peake:  “Oh yeah. They’ve definitely been making a name for themselves. It’s kind of put our foot in the door and is helping us out. When they see how good our receivers are coming out. It’s really a good thing to see.”


Q:  What are your thoughts of Deshaun coming out of camp? Where is he compared to last year?

Peake:  “He came in looking amazing last year, but I think he’s become more of a leader this year. He’s a really calm guy, and that’s what you need at quarterback. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this year goes for him.”


Q:  Is there any one part of his game that you can tell has gotten better?

Peake:  “I’d say it’s composure. I’ve never seen him get rattled.”


Q:  Are you guys anxious to get out there this week and see what you can do against a different defense?

Peake:  “Yeah, we’ve been going against each other for a couple weeks now, and we’re a week behind—the season would usually have started last week. So we’re really excited.”


Q:  Do you feel like a leader, as one of the veterans on the team?

Peake:  “I do. I’m not very talkative, but when I need to say something, I’ll say it. But I lead more by example.”

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