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Coach and Player Quotes Following Clemson Football's 41-10 2015 Victory Over App State

Clemson fans saw another dominating performance by the Tigers on both sides of the ball on Saturday, as Clemson defeated App State 41-10. Here are some post-game quotes from some of the players.

Quarterback DeShaun Watson

On how he thought the offense did as a whole, especially coming out they way they did:
“I thought we came out really slow and sloppy at times. There are some things we can fix in the film room, but we got momentum back when Carlos (Watkins) made that good play and carried that through the second quarter. It’s nice to know when things aren’t going your way there is still a chance when your defense is still making plays.”

After the bad snap where he ended up on the ground, looking as if he were injured:
“I just got the wind knocked out of me. It was nothing grave or alarming, so I just sat out a play to gather myself before going back in.”

Thoughts on Charone Peake stepping up this game after Mike Williams’ injury last week:
“He did a great job. He’s a guy who has been around. He’s a vet. He’s been doing this through camp and practice for us so there wasn’t a whole ton of pressure for him. He just needed to be himself and do what he knows how to do best and that’s what he did.”

(On the long pass to Peake for the touchdown) Was that all he had in his arm? Is it his maximum?
“Nah, it wasn’t maximum. I mean, I didn’t really hitch into it…I just kind of planted and threw it. He made a great play and a great catch to come down with it.”

Is it as good a touchdown pass as he has thrown in his short career here:
“I don’t know. It might be second behind the Georgia one, being it was my first and all, but yea it’s one of my bests I think.”

Linebacker Ben Boulware

Overall thoughts against Appalachian State: 
“We knew they were going to throw the ball a lot more this week, but we didn’t have anything specific as a point of emphasis. Our overall emphasis was on doing our job and on everyone one of those plays you saw, each one of those guys performed their jobs perfectly, and you saw the results.”

Did he think the defense picked up the offense after they came out somewhat sluggish:
“I mean, honestly, we don’t worry about that kind of stuff. The offense does and worries about what they do on that side of the ball, and the same goes for us on the defensive side.”

After having no turnovers last week, was it a point of emphasis to “get the ball”:
“The point of emphasis, like I said before, was doing our job. On all three of those plays, the guys just performed their jobs perfectly and it paid off.”

On the short turn around going to Louisville, is the defense ready: 
“We’ve been ready. We are going to play a great opponent who has had some tough games up to this point in their season so we have to be at our best.”

Wide Receiver Charone Peake

How gratifying was it being “the guy” out there today:
“It felt pretty good. It was a lot different playing today from the last game, being used more, but it felt good to get out there and play fast.”

Is this game a confidence booster for you after going through what you did with injury and missing time:
“I mean, the injuries acted as a confidence booster on their own because it forced me to work hard to get back into the swing of things, and getting back on to the field healthy and normal made it come full circle.”

How does it feel to step up they way you did, the next game, after Mike (Williams) goes down:
“It felt good. I take pride in knowing I can be a guy that can be counted on.”

On DeShaun’s long touchdown throw:
“That was a LONG throw. That’s a long pass right there. I didn’t even know he had thrown it my way, or that he could even reach me, until I looked up and saw it coming down.”

Defensive Tackle Carlos Watkins

When was the last time you scored a touchdown:
“The last time I scored was probably my senior year of high school so it’s been a while since I have gotten to see the endzone from that perspective.”

How gratifying is it for you, after all you have been through, to get in the endzone:
“It’s really every big guy’s dream to get in the endzone. I caught the ball. Look ahead and realized how close the endzone was and it was like a dream come true. It really felt great.”

Will that be a signature play you will remember forever: 
“Oh yeah, that will be something I remember forever. To finally get back on the field after all I went through and to get the amount of reps I did, it was a great feeling to say the least.”

Did you start celebrating on about the five-yard line as you were going in to the endzone:
“I don’t think I was. I didn’t mean anything by it because I was still dreaming with all that was going on. When I finally did get into the endzone and I thought I was going to go ahead and celebrate on my own, my teammates were already there smacking me in my head so it all kind of got lost in translation, really.” Top Stories