Gary McDaniel's Weekly Feature Following Local High School Football Prospects

In his weekly feature, CUTigers Contributor and Recruiting Analyst Gary McDaniel gives us an inside look at some local high school prospects in action.

I'll be in Pendleton for the game between the Bulldogs and Blacksburg to check in on two prospects with Clemson ties and/or interest. #44 Brad Johnson and #7 Malike Grate.  Grate is a Wake Forest commit and Clemson is still in contact with Malik.  And then there is Brad Johnson Brad Johnson, a DE with all-state and 4-star written all over him. To quote Coach Sutherland at Dabo's camp, "He's the best one I've had come through Pendleton. Better than even Michael Hill (DL Ohio State)".  So if the weather does not cancel this game or it's not a monsoon out there (kill our equipment), I will be there tonight and provide footage and pics of these prospects and the game overall. And Please reply with feedback about this weekly feature.

Brad Johnson

Pendleton High School (Pendleton,SC)

DE 2017

6'3 210lbs

Malik Grate takes opening kick 82 yards for score.

 Brad Johnson with a Sack on the last play of the first half.

Brad Johnson SLOW MO

Pendleton TD pass on a slant

Johnson sets the edge

Slow mo zone read play

Pendleton zone read play

Pendleton TD pass

Slow mo catch in traffic

Fake jet sweep to Malik Grate Top Stories