Clemson Football Ranked #11 in the Coaches' Poll and #12 in the AP

Clemson was idle this past weekend and, as a result, dropped one spot in each of the two college football polls.

Clemson is #11 in today's Amway Coaches' Poll and #12 in today's AP Poll. This marks the first time Oregon has fallen out of the AP Poll in 98 weeks. They were second only to Alabama in consecutive weeks in the AP Poll. Clemson would be #2 right now on that list, but it dropped out for that brief stint last season after the heart-breaking FSU road loss that it should have won. Even having dropped out last season, Clemson is still #10 on the list for consecutive weeks in the AP Poll, at 9 straight weeks.


It's interesting that Michigan State would move up to #2 despite a close home night game with Oregon, which has been completely exposed as overrated. I guess they had to put someone at #2, though, and TCU certainly doesn't look the part. Ole Miss was also unimpressive in a close home night game against Vandy. LSU moved up a spot, and I thought they should have moved down after being in a 4-quarter game with Syracuse. If 'Cuse hadn't broken down on 2 or 3 big mistakes, they could have won that game. LSU made a big jump last week after crushing Auburn, but everyone now knows that beating Auburn badly is nothing special. I think UCLA deserves to be ahead of LSU after their performance at Arizona with a home night crowd and Gameday atmosphere. Of course, UCLA did struggle in a home night game with BYU last week, so they haven't looked consistently great either. 


The bottom line right now is that NO ONE looks consistently dominant. Many were uneasy about the way Clemson looked at Louisville last week, but look at how Ohio State is struggling against far worse competition than Louisville. Look at Ole Miss barely beating Vandy in a home night game. Look at UCLA barely beating BYU in a home night game last week. Look at LSU's dog fight with Syracuse, etc, etc. It's complete parity right now, but a couple teams will emerge and start separating themselves from the pack. Home games against Notre Dame and Georgia Tech are Clemson's opportunity to do just that! Win those games, look good doing it, and watch how Clemson shoots up the polls.



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