Gary McDaniel

Annual Placing of the Flags at the Clemson Scroll of Honor

CUTigers Recruiting Analyst and Contributor Gary McDaniel provides an inside look into an annual tradition that takes place on the eve of Military Appreciation Day at Memorial Park in Clemson.

I was online working today and got a message from a local Clemson Businessman, Clemson Grad and long time acquaintance and friend, Trent Allen of Allen’s Creations in downtown Clemson. Trent Reached out to let me know about a new Clemson tradition that he and his Wife have spear headed.

The idea came from his wife one day when watching the ceremonies at Arlington National (where they placed 10’s of thousands of flags out to honor the War Dead.) Trents Wife turned to him and said, “why don’t we do something like this at the Scroll of Honor” and the idea was born.

Trent and his Mrs. then started searching for a resource to find the needed materials to pull this off. Going from Hobby Stores to Wal Marts to wherever to find 485 needed Flags. After many trips and calls and emails later Trent found his resource and luck have it and maybe fate the provider had Exactly the required amount needed to fulfill the Scrolls Members needs.

Trent told me to meet him at the “Scroll of Honor” on campus prior to 5:30 Pm and told him sure thing I had a few things to get done and I would be in the area around that time. It would be an honor to stop by and pay my respects.

As I arrived a small crowd congregated around the entrance to the Scroll. As the sunlight quickly disappeared over the West Zone of Memorial Stadium. A mixture of Alumni, veterans, Students and Locals all there to assist in this very gracious task to honor our Clemson Military Alumni . A very quiet and respectful group began the task of placing the flags around the scroll.

As the sunset at 5:30 the first of the 485 flags was placed onto the scroll. 485 flags for the 485 Clemson alumni/heroes that have paid the ultimate price when serving their country. The Scroll is a reminder for us that many have come before us and the many that will come after. And how their service to our country helps provide us with the safety and comfort of living and prospering in a country as great as the United States.

Also there in attendance was a Clemson Military Legend Col. Ben Skardon. He was there to lead the procession and helped hand out the Flags to be placed on the Scroll. If you have never heard the story of Col Skardon and his Clemson Graduation ring and the Bataan Death March. You have to see the links and see this great man and his Clemson Graduates story. It will amaze you.

Col Ben Skardons Amazing Clemson Class Ring Bataan Death March Story:


On Military Appreciation day, when all the kids are playing on the grass, the grills are smoking and the friends are all chatting. Take a minute to remember the 485 souls surrounding the mound of grass on that knoll. Take the time stop by on the way to or from the stadium and see this great place to honor these Clemson heroes. Walk and read the names of these 485 heroes. Top Stories