Is Melton Still Ready to Commit?

High Point's Mario Melton, an outstanding athlete from North Carolina, is ready to make a commitment to the Clemson Tigers if the Tigers are ready to accept. caught up with Melton and we've got the latest on his thoughts about a possible commitment.

WR Mario Melton
6-2, 190, 4.45
TW Andrews High School
High Point, North Carolina

The 6-2, 190 pound star plays quarterback for T Wingate Andrews High School, but he is being recruited as a receiver for the Tigers. Melton does not have a written offer from the Tigers yet, but his coach has told him that he expects the Tigers to provide that written offer at some point.

Melton had a visit scheduled for July 21, but the visit was cancelled because of his coach was not able to make the trip. Although his coach is working to reschedule the visit, Melton has decided that he is ready to make a commitment.

"I talked with my coach yesterday and told him I was ready to give a verbal commitment to Clemson. He was shocked. He asked if I want to commit without going down for my visit. He wants me to visit first. He is working with Coach O'Cain to try to setup a visit. I plan to talk to my Coach tomorrow about my decision." Melton will have to schedule his visit around practice, which starts on Monday.

Melton has discussed his commitment with his mother and she is very supportive. "I talked to my mom a few weeks ago about committing to Clemson when I had a visit scheduled. I talked with her some more this week. She told me if that's where my heart is then go ahead and go for it."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from North Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories