C.J. Gaddis- "Those Guys are So Fast!"

CUTigers.com caught up with C.J. Gaddis on Sunday to get the latest with the incoming freshman quarterback. How has his transition been to the college lifestyle? Has he been throwing to the Tigers' wide receivers this offseason? Details inside!

C.J. Gaddis has been up in the Clemson area the last few weeks getting adjusted to college life, and now that practice is less than two weeks away, he's ready for the 2003 season to commence.

"I'm ready," said Gaddis. "I've been up here staying in the dorm and working out and stuff like that." Gaddis has been throwing to the Tigers' receivers some this offseason, and one thing has stood out to him more than anything else.

"Speed. Those guys are so fast. That's the hardest part to adjust to right now. I've been throwing to them a little bit trying to get a feel for everything," said the North Carolina native.

Gaddis was not only a standout athlete on the gridiron at Hoke County High School, he also excelled on the baseball diamond. In fact, he performed so well this past season that the Seattle Mariners drafted him in the 20th round in April. He was the 596th overall selection.

"The Mariners still in touch with me pretty regularly," said Gaddis. "Probably every other night or so I'll get a message from them."

"I told them I want to play football. I'm fine with that. I thought about long and hard before the draft, but like I said before, I know now that I want to play football."

Gaddis' first practice as a Clemson Tiger will be August 5th at 3 PM, when the Tigers hit the practice fields for the first time this fall.

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