C.J. Gaddis Chat Transcript

Freshman QB C.J Gaddis stopped by the CUTigers.com Chat Room Tuesday evening to share his thoughts on the upcoming season, the possibility of avoiding a redshirt, ACC expansion, and a variety of other subjects. You can read what the 6-1, 206 pound freshman with 4.38 speed had to say in this exclusive chat transcript!

Roy Philpott:: Everybody welcome Freshman QB C.J. Gaddis!
CharlottesFinest:: welcome CJ
gocutigers:: oh
Clemson76:: Hey Gaddis
spurcutiger:: Heya CJ 
C.J. Gaddis:: whats up
CharlottesFinest:: are you ready for some football?
chatoogatiger:: hey CJ great to have u at Clemson
barto:: How's it going CJ?  
gocutigers:: How many National Championships are you gonna win CJ?
C.J. Gaddis:: yes, I've been ready
barto: 4 sounds like a good round number
C.J. Gaddis: i dont know
scoop2: can you give us your current ht, wt, etc CJ?
C.J. Gaddis: every year I lead the pack, well win one
C.J. Gaddis: 6'1    206lbs
gocutigers: what will be the biggest thing you have to improve on to get PT soon?
madhatter00: CJ=STUD
barto: what's your 40 time at these days CJ?
C.J. Gaddis: lol......really be better than charlie
C.J. Gaddis: lol, thats the best answer
barto: hahaha
Rhymer: Welcome C.J....great to have you as a Tiger....what are the chances you won't redshirt?
C.J. Gaddis: 4.38, the other day
gocutigers: CJ, how do ya like the speed/talent of our WRs so far?
C.J. Gaddis: to be honest, i dont know those chances just yet.
CharlottesFinest: CJ what is the speed difference you have noticed between high school and college?
chatoogatiger: Did you play any defense in High School?
C.J. Gaddis: but the coaches really dont know exactly what they want to do with me yet 
barto: would you be okay w/ a move to Corner, Safety, RB, etc???
barto: or do you strictly prefer QB?
C.J. Gaddis: well take it like this, in high school i ran the veer and like the best 
receivers i had were at tailback and like going from a person playing receiver to 
DHam and airese,blood, grant is a dramatic 
C.J. Gaddis: i played safety in crucial situations
Roy Philpott: those guys are fast....no doubt.
C.J. Gaddis: and maned up on a person in some situations
scoop2: Is there a good chance you may play somewhere else still?
barto: did you ever play any basketball?  I always thought basketball players made terrific running qb's
spurcutiger: How much time have you spent in clemson this summer? And how much 
opportunity have you had to participate with 
the team?
barto: b/c of all the quickness and movements
C.J. Gaddis: I want to play qb, thats a big reason in my decision to come here to be 
honest, but like if the coaches say like cj u can start at corner well then i ll change
C.J. Gaddis: im up here in clemson as we speak
spurcutiger: Great :)
C.J. Gaddis: ive been here a week now 
scoop2: will you be able to play baseball at Clemson too?
Rhymer: Do you hate South Carolina yet or do you need a crash course ;)
C.J. Gaddis: a little basketball in earlier
C.J. Gaddis: but it wasnt for me
Rhymer: I mean South CArolina the shcool....not the state.
gocutigers: he means Coot U
madhatter00: Have you met 
C.J. Gaddis: well i think hating usc comes with signing on signing on day
gocutigers: amen
CharlottesFinest: great answer
madhatter00: jack legget yet?
scoop2: Great answer CJ
ElTigre2002: part of the package lol
gocutigers: if hating chickens is wrong, you don't wanna be right  :)
C.J. Gaddis: i have earlier met him but havent seen him lately
madhatter00: Amen
C.J. Gaddis: this is baseball recruiting time
spurcutiger: Have you had a chance to hang with Charlie or workout with him?
madhatter00: YES
CharlottesFinest: Do you know who your roommate will be?
Rhymer: Why did you choose Clemson over UNC?
C.J. Gaddis: yeah i hang out and work with him and all the quaterbacks everyday
spurcutiger: awesome! what are your initial impressions?
C.J. Gaddis: dont know the roomates for sure yet
C.J. Gaddis: i think chris jefferson is one
C.J. Gaddis: and roy walker
CharlottesFinest: the NC boys stick together
C.J. Gaddis: maybe jad or sergio
C.J. Gaddis: im not sure
gocutigers: what's your best passing trait?  Arm strength?  Accuracy?
ElTigre2002: C.J. are most of the freshman on campus now?
C.J. Gaddis: the first thing i said about charlie was like he's tall but lanky
C.J. Gaddis: lol
Roy Philpott: lol
C.J. Gaddis: will is silly
spurcutiger: LOL
C.J. Gaddis: chansi is a big goofball
OleClem: Hello all..glad to have you as a Tiger CJ
C.J. Gaddis: charlie is a great guy
scoop2: Are the Mariners still calling you a lot?
C.J. Gaddis: no, just like a 4 of the signees and like a couple walkon freshmen
C.J. Gaddis: and transfers
spurcutiger: (grins) do you guys find yourselves pushing each other 
and helping each other, or is it more competitive or kinda laid back?
C.J. Gaddis: yes i get a call, i'll say like every two or three days 
C.J. Gaddis: they let me know the contract is still out there
Roy Philpott: is it hard to resist?
C.J. Gaddis: oh its competitive, but its like we are really like tight though
C.J. Gaddis: its more of a tough love like thing between us
gocutigers: are you ready to run down the Hill in front of 85k screaming fans??
barto: :)
C.J. Gaddis: not really, i mean they have possession over me the next two years and like if 
something i didnt like about being here comes about, then i probably would give it more though
Roy Philpott: gotcha
C.J. Gaddis: been ready to run down the hill
C.J. Gaddis: but i doubt i wouldnt like anything here
Roy Philpott: true.
spurcutiger: When you get your chance, what do you want your first play to be?
CharlottesFinest: What are you looking forward to the most about this season?
C.J. Gaddis: opening kickoff against georgia
gocutigers: CJ what do you plan to major in?
C.J. Gaddis: and the girls
gocutigers: LOL!
Roy Philpott: LOL
C.J. Gaddis: naw im just jokin
MCFTiger: Welcome, CJ.  August 30th will be like nothing you have ever seen.  
My guess is the wildest atmosphere in the 
Valley since Bowden Bowl 1.
chatoogatiger: man i cant wait til we whip georgias butt
C.J. Gaddis: were gonna get fsu this year too
gocutigers: :)
scoop2: Love that confidence!
chatoogatiger: oh yeah thats what i like to hear
Rhymer: Nobody is gonna say I predicted the UGA and FSU wins...just calling me out on the USC loss
gocutigers: what did u expect?
MCFTiger: Was going to mention it but figured you would eventually :)
ElTigre2002: C.J. what are you thoughts on the addition of Miami and Va Tech? 
C.J. Gaddis: i luv it
C.J. Gaddis: that should've been done
gocutigers: playing the Canes in the VAlley will be SWEET!
C.J. Gaddis: yeah
Rhymer: C.J.  Other than Death Valley, what is the best stadium u watched a game in?
barto: 31 days 14 hours 31 minutes and 10 seconds til UGA 
C.J. Gaddis: ive actually been to a UT game
C.J. Gaddis: but 
gocutigers: did you attend the UGA game last year?
C.J. Gaddis: its a different type of ...........crunkness
C.J. Gaddis: i guess
Roy Philpott: lol
gocutigers: lmao
barto: did any of your fellow incoming class comment on our facilities and how they compare to other Regional Universities?
C.J. Gaddis: no
C.J. Gaddis: yes
barto: what do you think needs improvement as far as our facilities are concerned?  or do you think we need to make 
gocutigers: The UGA game will be a whole nother level of crunkness
C.J. Gaddis: facilities are not bad at all here, but some schools are just fresh off of 
reconstructing the new stuff they have so.....
CharlottesFinest: Which quarterback will you remind fans of when you get your chance to start?
C.J. Gaddis: yeah we have to make more improvements
MCFTiger: Please say Mike Vick, Please say Mike Vick!!!
C.J. Gaddis: there shouldnt be anything anybody else has that we shouldnt
barto: very good point
Rhymer: BREAKING NEWS!  Just got off the phone with Dabo Swinney and he and his wife had a baby last night
scoop2: Wow!!!
OleClem: absolutely
gocutigers: DABO is DAMAN!
Rhymer: Everybody doing well....
gocutigers: great news
spurcutiger: Wow, no wonder he was out recruiting so much...
C.J. Gaddis: i want to say mike vick, but im definitely just not him yet so....
thor122296: TIGERTASTIC !!!
C.J. Gaddis: hopefully one day ill be there
CharlottesFinest: great goals
gocutigers: u got the skills
barto: CJ thanks for taking the time this evening....good luck this season...talk to all you folks later
spurcutiger: Later barto
scoop2: Will you be nervous for the first practice a week from today?
Rhymer: Roy...CJ....gotta run to get this interview with Dabo....thanks CJ
C.J. Gaddis: but thats who i would compare my style
Roy Philpott: Go get 'em scott
gocutigers: CJ did you ever see Woody Dantzler play?
C.J. Gaddis: no, poised.......because i really think i have something to prove
MCFTiger: How about your strengths as a QB?
C.J. Gaddis: and like ive been around the whole team for a week now so its not like im just 
like thrown in somewher
scoop2: cool
MDochouse: CJ, Did you get your schedule for August practice? If you did is it tough?
Clemson76: C.J.   I'm glad you did not want to play in one of those 
High School sized stadiums in NC thank you for coming to 
Clemson so I can Rag on my blue Bellie NC friend since they almost ruined expansion 
C.J. Gaddis: yes ive seen woody play
C.J. Gaddis: lol
gocutigers: good team chemistry so far?
C.J. Gaddis: they are all about basketball,
C.J. Gaddis: but they are great universities
Roy Philpott: Politically correct...nice CJ.
spurcutiger: too fast for me roy
C.J. Gaddis: yes, were just a big family 
gocutigers: what are your thoughts on Coach OCain?
Clemson76: C.J. are you from Mississippi
C.J. Gaddis: i mean they really are cause i almost went to unc, so they didnt keep my 
interest for nothing
chatoogatiger: do u see your self running the type of offense that woody ran with alot of draws and playaction  or more 
straight up passing?
C.J. Gaddis: i love coach O
C.J. Gaddis: he's like the person that u would want to be your child's godfather 
C.J. Gaddis: great man
gocutigers: high praise
Roy Philpott: wow
thor122296: CJ, do you think we are making in roads our home state of NC ? in recruiting ....
C.J. Gaddis: yes im originally from hattiesburg,mississippi    right down the street from 
C.J. Gaddis: what do you mean thor?
Roy Philpott: He means is the Clemson coaching staff doing build a foundation to get a lot of kids out of the state of NC in 
the future for the team.
C.J. Gaddis: my dads military, so like i moved to nc in the 9th grade to fayetteville
wendog: CJ, who is the best high school player you played against
Roy Philpott: "building" that should say, not "doing build" lol.
C.J. Gaddis: and like raeford is like basically in fayetteville
Roy Philpott: I was born in Fayetteville...great place.
thor122296: For a while we have not got many BLUE CHIP recruits from our state of NC.
gocutigers: Roy speak English LOL
Roy Philpott: do'h
C.J. Gaddis: oh yes because they  have really run over nc
ElTigre2002: CJ what made you decide to be a Tiger? 
CharlottesFinest: whats up Jad
gocutigers: JAd DEan in the hizouse
ElTigre2002: Welcome Jad 
C.J. Gaddis: they havent in the past, but well start pulling kids from nc now like we would 
from georgia and florida now
Clemson76: C.J. how do you feel about Duke and North Carolina trying to ruin expansion? Do you think any of the players and 
maybe some other teams may try to take it out on them this year. I mean those teams I relly didn't like now I can't stand 
them because they were only looking out for themselves. Just wanted a players perspective
C.J. Gaddis: i think cause the coaches never really went after nc kids except like the BIG 
TIMERS, but not they are doing more of a recruiting job there
C.J. Gaddis: we've have plenty of athletes....just ask jad and the rest of the SC shrine 
ElTigre2002: Ouch!
OleClem: lol
Roy Philpott: HA!
gocutigers: DOH!
Roy Philpott: Ya'll steamrolled SC last year in the Shrine Bowl.
Clemson76: C.J. actually I heard Danny Ford used to steal great recruits 
spurcutiger: Yeah does the team feel like Duke and NC painted a nice fat bullseye on their tails?
Clemson76: C.J. Sorry man but I think SC steamrolled NC like five years in a row
C.J. Gaddis: i think they should get over it because they always wanted elite football 
programs (especially UNC) and this is they way to make it better
Clemson76: before that
C.J. Gaddis: u see ncstate really didnt mind
C.J. Gaddis: because it was all politics before this year
Clemson76: Duke and NC were the only ones against it
thor122296: TELL EM DOGG !!!!!!
spurcutiger: Have you heard any good gamecock jokes since your arrival?
C.J. Gaddis: the best players were never picked, i know that and ive only been in nc for 
like 4 years
C.J. Gaddis: u can see it.....
CharlottesFinest: How's the talent at Clemson and I'm not talking football
gocutigers: lot of hotties walking around?
C.J. Gaddis: i dont know what u mean.....lol
Roy Philpott: lol
chatoogatiger: lol
gocutigers: any babes on Bowman Field?
spurcutiger: ahhh, lookit him playin it suave!
C.J. Gaddis: lol....u guys are silly
scoop2: have you had the chance to talk to coach bowden alot yet?
spurcutiger: Now that you have had a chance to see the team a bit, what can you tell us about the team?
scoop2: do you have a nickname on the team yet?
C.J. Gaddis: were are so underrated
C.J. Gaddis: thats what i say about the team
gocutigers: dang straight
chatoogatiger: what do u think about the running backs this year?
spurcutiger: is that good or bad do you think, being underrated?
ElTigre2002: That can be a good thing. 
C.J. Gaddis: thats a very good thing
Clemson76: C.J. were you impressed in your first trip to the Valley
gocutigers: CJ what do you plan to major in?
C.J. Gaddis: yeah i got a couple nicknames
gocutigers: well???
gocutigers: LOL
Roy Philpott: Oh this will be good.
wendog: Favorite uniform combination?
C.J. Gaddis: the running backs are very underrated too
spurcutiger: I personally feel that this team is turning into something special, as do many others, agreeing that we are 
under rated. Is there anything you have seen that makes you feel the same?
CharlottesFinest: good change of direction
C.J. Gaddis: yes, deathvalley is like awesome
C.J. Gaddis: all white
Roy Philpott: nice
spurcutiger: oh yeah, and don't weasel outta telling us at least yer favorite nickname ;)
C.J. Gaddis: one of my nicknames is "DOME"
Clemson76: C.J I loved that comment during recruiting that just silenced all the naysayers about you still being firm to 
Clemson I Bleed Orange
gocutigers: ok, there's a story there...
Roy Philpott: "dome" huh....interesting....
C.J. Gaddis: some call me bmance well all do cause i favor brian mance alot
Roy Philpott: I can definitely see that.
gocutigers: Roy's nickname is Phil  LMAO!
C.J. Gaddis: the others ill tell u guys later
spurcutiger: (grins) ahh still gotta prove something for those nicknames?
HoldThatTigerRag: doh!, almost missed it... sorry if any of these questions have been asked already
C.J. Gaddis: lol
Roy Philpott: Ya'll gotta give it up for CJ...he's a great interview.....
thor122296: MDOCHOUSE = THE CAPOTES , welcome !
spurcutiger: I dunno, I am leaning toward suave (with an accent on the e) for CJ
C.J. Gaddis: thanks
HoldThatTigerRag: what does C.J. stand for?
C.J. Gaddis: lol
gocutigers: CJ, we are glad you are a Tiger
spurcutiger: Yeah man, no doubt, welcome to the family CJ
ElTigre2002: amen
Clemson76: Roy you always said C.J. was your best interview during recuiting
C.J. Gaddis: the other names will  u will have to meet me to know.....i gotten like twenty 
in one week
HoldThatTigerRag: what position do you play in baseball, and what was your batting avg. your senior year?
MDochouse: Thanks, Thor. 
C.J. Gaddis: the upperclassmen always pick on me "the freshman qb
spurcutiger: Dang gonna have to make an extra effort tom ake practicegate
C.J. Gaddis: thanks, glad to be part of the family
spurcutiger: Can't let CJ leave me hangin like that
gocutigers: CJ, with Chris Capote and company blocking for you, you can't go wrong.
wendog: Good Luck this year have fun your freshman year and be careful!
C.J. Gaddis: CJ stands  for  Cal Gaddis Jr
C.J. Gaddis: Cal Jr
thor122296: CJ, thanks for joining the TIGER FAMILY !!!!
Clemson76: C.J. has WHitehurst put on some muscle since last year
Clemson76: thicker
C.J. Gaddis: charlies doesnt need any 
wendog: CJ- white cleets or black?
C.J. Gaddis: i actually think he has
HoldThatTigerRag: I love your enthusiam when it comes to Clemson.  I remember smiling big when you referred to CU as "we" in 
an interview in the middle of last season.  What was the one thing that hooked you?
Clemson76: C.J. Kirk Herbstriet said Whitehurst has a hose(ARM) How does yours compare to his
C.J. Gaddis: i totally want white, but i heard the seniors chose black this year
C.J. Gaddis: black shoes, i think black socks too at least
C.J. Gaddis: i think mines is just as strong....seriously but....he just a better ball than 
on certain routes which is a part of my game i need to improve
Roy Philpott: Alright guys....that's going to be it for Mr. Gaddis for the evening..we'll try to have him back later this 
year hopefully once the regular season gets underway....
C.J. Gaddis: which seperates him alot from alot qbs
spurcutiger: Yeah CJ
ElTigre2002: Thank you CJ and Roy for doing this and .... Good luck next week CJ
C.J. Gaddis: thanks guys cya
Clemson76: C.J. have you played NCAA 2004 yet
spurcutiger: Thanks for taking the time to be with us CJ!
Roy Philpott: thanks CJ....take it easy man.
HoldThatTigerRag: Good luck in TigerTown CJ!

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