#1 Overall Recruit Rashan Gary Has Narrowed His Choices

The nation's #1 overall recruit, Rashan Gary, spent the weekend in Clemson, and his mom has confirmed that he has narrowed his choices to two schools.

After spending the weekend in Clemson, DT Rashan Gary is inching ever closer to a decision. Scout National Recruiting Analyst Brian Dohn spoke with Gary's mom, Jennifer Coney, following their Clemson visit. "As it stands right now, if signing day was (Tuesday), Rashan would go on and say he hasn't decided yet," she said. 

"We loved it," Coney said of their Clemson visit. "I was able to see some family, and my nephew was able to come out and hang with Rashan during his official visit. I got to see the academic presentation, and remember, I didn't get to see everything when we were at Clemson because it was Easter weekend when we went and the whole staff was not there."

"But everyone was on hand. Clemson is a great school, and we really learned a lot about it."

From the players to the coaching staff to the support staff, Clemson put forth a tremendous showing on the visit.

"The academics, and the academic support, I was pleasantly surprised with everything at Clemson," Coney said. "The staff, the whole staff, the whole student body. I'm not talking about the football players, and the football players were phenomenal, but the whole student body. The players want them to recruit good football players because it's only going to make them better."

"The football players didn't feel threatened. They were embracing him. Rashan liked that. They were giving Rashan so much love, and I liked that. There were some schools that were like, 'Oh, Rashan Gary.' and knowing the (competition) would be there. But not Clemson. Those kids, oh my gosh."

Gary spent time with Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson -- "He's a great young man," Coney said -- as well as Rahshaun SmithDexter LawrenceChristian Wilkins and Tre Lamar.

"I could see the love was so genuine," Coney said. "You can tell if it was all show or whether it was sincere. It was sincere."

Ms. Coney also talked to ESPN Monday, reviewing the Clemson visit and what's next.

“He has it narrowed down to two,” Coney told ESPN. “We sat down for probably an hour, hour and a half and got up the same way we sat down. Going in there was probably three or four, now it’s down to two, but he is still undecided.”

Coney told ESPN that the Clemson visit went "much better than expected."

“He doesn’t know yet and it scares me,” said Coney. “There are similar points to both schools with little differences. It depends on what’s most important to him and where he wants to go, because I’ve led him as far as I can."

“He’s stuck right now and I can’t unstick him. That’s something he has to do.”

Gary will announce on ESPN2 on SportsCenter Wednesday at 1:10 ET. We have a source very close to the Gary camp and will update you in tomorrow's Radar, giving you our projection on Gary and all of Clemson's remaining targets. So stay tuned here at CUTigers.com, and check the Recruiting Radar Screen over the next 24 hours for our take on the fluid situation. Also, be sure to check our National Signing Day HQ page beginning at 8 a.m. on NSD!

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