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In his weekly Recruiting Radar, CUTigers Recruiting Analyst Gary McDaniel updates you on the latest news and intel on the Clemson recruiting front!

After the slowest week in the year in the recruiting game, the Tigers wound up with a 2017 commitment in the form of WR Amari Rodgers from Volunteer State of Tennessee. Look for the staff to hit the road hard in the upcoming weeks and months. We are tracking a group of top-tier kids with Clemson on their radars and will update you here on the Radar Screen daily as the intel comes in. We are expecting this 2017 class to fill up faster than any class in recent memory, and it has already seen 7 commits and 1 gray shirt in WR Jayson Hopper from the 2016 class.   


Amari Rodgers Commits  


Announcement via Periscope:


As projected by CUTigers for quite some time now, Clemson picked up a commitment from 3-star WR Amari Rodgers of Knoxville, TN.  The Former Southern Cal commit picked the Tigers over USC and Tennessee. Rodgers makes commit #8 in the 2017 class and the first WR.  Look for the Tigers to add at least two more WR's to the 2017 class in the upcoming weeks and months.

Rodgers brings to Clemson another slot guy in the mold of Ray-Ray McCloud and Artavis Scott.  Look for the Tennessee blue-chipper to be another piece to Clemson’s WRU brand for the next few seasons. 




2017 Class Breakdown/Board

So far, the Tigers have filled the current list with 2 blue-chip QB’s, 3 very talented offensive linemen, a solid safety and one of the top 10 WR’s in the southeast. The staff is looking to fill at least 20-22 spots for 2017 after all attrition over the course of spring ball and summer is said and done.  

Currently, the list out there by position looks like this:

QB (2) Hunter Johnson (committed), Chase Brice (committed)

RB (0-1) Tracking: Cordarrian Richardson, A.J. Davis and Anthony McFarland

WR (3-4) Committed: Amari Rodgers 

Tracking: James RobinsonTee Higgins, OrTre SmithShi Smith

TE (0-1) Tracking: Alexander Marshall is on the radar. Also, word is WR OrTre Smith could be taken as a TE hybrid 

OL (4-5) Committed: Matt Bockhorst, Noah DeHond, Blake Vinson 

Tracking: Trey SmithAndrew Thomas and Eric Douglas out of Mallard Creek

DT (0-1) Tracking: Corey Bolds, Eric Crosby, Breyon Gaddy and Josh Belk

DE (3) Tracking: Zachary Carter, Malik Herring, Robert Beal and Yetur Matos 

LB (2-3) Tracking: Justin FosterDrew Singleton and Dax Hollifield

DB (5) Tracking: LeAnthony Williams, Jamyest Williams, Deon Jones, William Poole, Trajan BandyXavier McKinneyDevon HunterCyrus FaganMalcolm Askew and "Tank" Davondre Robinson.



Swimming with sharks; other teams reaching out to Tiger commits:

Word was out late last week that FSU was trying to make in-roads with both of Clemson’s 2017 committed QB’s, 5-star Hunter Johnson and 4-star Chase Brice. You can see by the tweet below that both scoffed at the inquiry and have reaffirmed their commitment levels to Clemson. This is the kind of stuff we will see a lot of moving forward as many staffs have decided to shadow Clemson offers. If you recall a few years ago when Meyer went to Ohio State, he sent his staff out to do just that, and it's being seen all over now with the success the Tigers have had not just on the field but in the player development areas. We will see a lot of this in the upcoming years on the recruiting trail. That is what recruiting is, and it's never over 'til the LOI hits the fax machine in February. 



Clemson Staff returns to the recruiting trail:

Things will start to get more interesting as the coaches all arrive back in Clemson from their annual ski trip and vacation getaway. Every year they get together after Signing Day and head to Colorado for some time off and all recruiting comes to a halt for the time being.  So as the staff gets back in their offices and the big board gets updated for 2017, expect to see the coaches making moves to secure this class early and again have 75-90% of it locked up prior to the start of the season. By the way, the coaches absolutely love early commitments, as it makes the season that much easier on them if they don't have to run out on Friday nights before games to see prospects. And this is a luxury the Clemson staff is enjoying more and more, as the last few classes have come together in early fashion.


Tigers heading to the combine:


Player development has come to the forefront of the conversation these days when talking Clemson football. You can look all over the roster and point out 4-and-5-star kids that were destined to be on their way to the NFL In 4 years or less. But it's the unknowns or the players the staff was willing to risk it on and take a chance on that have stepped up and shown everyone in college football what Clemson is really up to on the practice fields. Look at Adam Humphries, current WR for the Buccaneers, and in this year's class look at Kevin Dodd and TJ Green--two prospects that no one was really recruiting back in their high school days. Dodd was such a project that even after a year of prep school, he was remedial in his football knowledge and ability, and he was a player some thought would eventually transfer out of the program. Instead, he is now the poster child for the staff when they take a player like this year's Nolan Turner or Cade Stewart. Those are two players considered to be diamonds in the rough by the staff, even though both of them received All-State and All-Star game offers. But keep your eyes turned to the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft and the free agent camps this year. Clemson looks to infiltrate the NFL in big numbers again, and both from the developed players and the ones that naturally have the God-given talent. All in all, 8 Tigers have been invited to this year's combine, which will take place at the end of February. 7 of those are on the defensive side of the ball, and this marks the second year in a row that the Tigers have led the nation in defensive representatives at the combine. 


This weeks tweets: 






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