Tribute to America Planned on Saturday

At 1 p.m. Saturday, when Clemson would have kicked off its third football game of the year, there instead will be a very different kind of event in Memorial Stadium.

All faculty, staff, students and community members are invited to the stadium for the University's "Tribute to America," a brief, patriotic ceremony intended to honor the memory of people killed in Tuesday's terrorist attacks and show support for the nation's leaders and the men and women involved in rescue and disaster-relief efforts.

The ceremony will focus on patriotic symbolism and silent, individual reflection rather than speeches. Participants will have an opportunity to sign a banner expressing their personal thoughts and messages about the events of this past week.

If you attend the ceremony, park in the stadium parking lot behind the west end zone (between the stadium and Jervey Center), and enter through the west stand gates. Please be on the field by 12:45 p.m.

Tommy Bowden Shows Cancelled.
The Tommy Bowden television show scheduled to run on stations throughout South Carolina on Sunday, will not be produced this week. It will return the following Sunday.

Also, there will not be a Thursday night radio call-in show this evening.

Did You Hear the One About.... During times of crisis, when interest is high and facts are scarce, rumors can take over and fill information voids.

At Clemson University, in the aftermath of Tuesday's terrorist attacks, a number of rumors have been circulating. These rumors, which often target international students, have many variations -- students are dancing in the streets, students have been arrested or detained, confrontations have occurred, and so on.

University police have asked the media to inform the campus in the strongest possible terms that these rumors are false. There have been no reports of disruptive or confrontational behavior by students or anyone else, and there have been no arrests for any reason since Tuesday.

Student Affairs Vice President Almeda Jacks said, "I'm pleased to say that our students, faculty and staff are showing respect not only for the memory of those killed Tuesday but also for each other. This campus has responded to America's tragedy appropriately and with dignity. Let's not let the rumor mill take that away from us. Question the rumors you hear, and get the facts. This is a time when we need to come together as a community, not look for reasons to disagree." Top Stories