Saturday's Practice Report

Saturday morning's practice marked the first day of the team dressing in full pads. As expected, it began right on schedule, without worries of weather or anything else for that matter. We've got updates on all the names you want to know about in this extensive report.

Head coach Tommy Bowden addressed the team beforehand, stressing fundamentals and tempo above everything else.

"We don't want to have to worry about you guys getting from drill to drill today," Bowden said. "It's important that we establish a good tempo and stick with it."

The early emphasis was on special teams, as Bowden himself worked with kickers Aaron Hunt and Jad Dean on the timing of the Tigers' field goals attempts.

The team moved into individual drills afterwards, focusing on the fundamentals of blocking and tackling.

"The biggest thing today was the first day in full pads- which leads to fatigue in the heat. We worked a good bit on defense and short yardage and goalline situations. We are going to work on it until we get better." added Bowden.

We had the opportunity to watch the quarterbacks work on some touch throws out in the flats. Not surprisingly, Charlie Whitehurst looked to be the most efficient in the short passing game.

C.J. Gaddis showed some freshman nerves by missing on a couple of throws early, before settling down and completing several passes in a row. The North Carolina native went on to hook up with Derrick Hamilton on a nice looking fade pattern later with most of the team watching.

Back up quarterback Chansi Stuckey also had an effective afternoon. The redshirt freshman broke a long run for a touchdown during the later half of practice.

"He broke a long one there towards the end of practice and looked pretty good," Bowden said afterwards.

A lot of talk around Tiger Town the last two days has been centered around freshmen Sergio Gilliam and Tremaine Billie. Some of the latest scoop we are hearing has Billie being moved over to safety after making a name for himself with a big hit on Airese Currie two days ago.

Gilliam has been effective, but you still have to question his overall build for an incoming freshman. He may be a year away from really making an impact in the secondary as a pure cover corner.

Other Notes
* Bowden said afterwards that there hasn't been a running back that has really emerged in short-yardage situations. "We really haven't had a guy emerge there just yet."

* Both Kevin Youngblood and Chad Jasmin missed practice to go to their graduation ceremony early Saturday morning.

* Tommy Sharpe was the talk of practice, as the senior offensive linemen was involved in a number of mini-scuffles with teammates. Bowden said afterwards that's not an uncommon thing to see during the first few days of fall camp.

* Charlie Whitehurst apparently hurt his thumb in Friday's practice after hitting his hand on a helmet during his follow through. The injury doesn't appear to be serious as he looked extremely effective Saturday.

* Airese Currie consistently beat everyone he matched up against in secondary on Saturday. He reportedly dropped a few passes though in traffic.

* Incoming freshman Robert Reese has yet to report to Clemson. Bowden said that something should break soon. "We should know pretty soon," said Bowden. Top Stories